6 Tips for Choosing a Vacation Rental Home

When you start researching for your vacation to Roatan, you’ll have to decide what type of accommodation you want. If you choose a vacation rental home, you’ll find an overwhelming number of options spread over a variety of websites. So how can you possibly pick? Here are our 6 tips for choosing a vacation rental home in Roatan.

Tip 1: Choose Your Vacation Rental Based on Location

We all know that old real estate adage: location, location, location. It’s the most important aspect of any vacation just as it’s the most important aspect of buying a new home. Where you stay can make or break your trip!

Choose a location on the island that reflects what type of vacation you want to have. If you’re diving every day, choose a location near your dive shop of choice. If you’re trying to escape it all and find complete serenity on the beach, choose a location away from all the hotels and resorts where you can be at one with nature. If you’re an active person who wants to do and see it all, choose a convenient location from where you can easily grab a taxi or drive.

Tip 2: Determine Your Budget

Budget is always a major factor in any vacation planning, so be sure you understand all costs involved up front. Some vacation rentals include air conditioning in their price, others don’t.

Some will charge you for electricity usage, while others will include it in the original cost (keep in mind the cost of electricity in Roatan is much higher than in Canada or the U.S.). Ensure you understand all possible additional charges before you book so you stay within budget.

Tip 3: Verify the Size of the Vacation Rental

Are you bringing a big group? Check the number of actual rooms in the vacation rental, since sometimes pull-out beds and futons are counted as beds in a listing. If everyone wants their own room, you’ll want to verify the bedrooms and not just the number of beds.

Tip 4: Which Amenities Do You Want?

Vacation rentals might offer a pool, snorkel gear, paddleboards, kayaks, or even a private boat. Some will have a back-up generator, an on-site caretaker, or a gardener who comes to rake the beach each morning.

Others will simply be an affordable place to rest your head at night and cook some meals to save on costs. Think about what you want available daily and search through listings for those options.

Tip 5: Choose Based on Your Type of Vacation

If you’re bringing the whole family, ranging from toddlers to grandparents, you need to choose a home that accommodates every age. Choose a vacation rental with several bedrooms, and also lots of outdoor space for the kids! With older guests, be sure air conditioning is available and also inquire about the number of stairs. Some homes are built into hillsides and might have multiple levels involving several sets of stairs.

If you’re coming to Roatan for a romantic getaway or honeymoon, choose a vacation rental with lots of privacy and the option for concierge service so you can sit back and relax more.

Tip 6: Judge Your Communication with the Owner or Company

When you begin the booking process, take into consideration your communication with the owner or the company. You will be in their care while on vacation, so make sure you feel completely comfortable with your communication early on. Their timeliness in responding, their ability to answer your questions, and their honest information about the vacation rental itself should all make you feel at ease as you plan your trip.

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