Batana Oil

Roatan and Honduras are home to many hidden gems, experiences, and local products. One of these
hidden gems are Batana Oil.

Found along the northern coast of Honduras including in the Bay Islands, Batana Oil is produced on the Mosquito Coast of Honduras and over the years has become a popular natural product due to the islands and North Coast’s connection to this remote region of Honduras.

Batana oil is extracted from the American Palm Tree in a labor-intensive process. The end result is an oil that is referred to as a “miracle oil” and has been even mentioned by celebrities such as Elon Musk.

Batana Oil is a popular hair and skin care oil and its benefits include, encouraging hair growth, repairing damaged hair, acting as a natural dye, producing shinier hair, moisturizing hair, fading skin blemishes, moisturizing skin, and repairing damaged skin.

You can find Batana Oil in Roatan in its raw form which is paste-like, also in batana hair oils that also include local coconut oil, it is also used in batana hair creams and batana skin soaps.

A local company making high-quality Batana Oil products is Wild Roatan, they are located in Unit 2, Alba Plaza in Gibson Bight and stock a variety of products that are made in Roatan and incorporate local
ingredients with the Batana Oil to create unique and popular hair and skin care products.

A stop at the Wild Roatan store is a must for anyone visiting Roatan who has an interest in natural or locally-made products, also another reason to purchase from Wild Roatan is that they donate 10% of sales to a local organization that works to combat climate change and local food security.

Discover one of Roatan’s hidden gems when visiting and discover the benefits of Batana Oil while enjoying the wide variety of hair and skin care products that can be made from the amazing “miracle

Buy Batana Oil from Wild Roatan.

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