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Best Roatan Tours and Activities

Roatan is a true tropical paradise, and when you come and visit the island, you don’t have to worry about the same abundance of tourists you might in places such as Hawaii. While Roatan is certainly popular, it still has the charm and the peace that you want from a true tropical vacation. When you spend time on the island, you will never be at a loss for things to do either. You can find a host of different activities and sites to see. Let’s check out ten of the best ways to spend your time when you are on the island.

Blue Harbor Tropical Arboretum

This is where you will find the most exotic tropical garden on the island. You can explore the trees, the orchids, and more. Spend some time in the conservatory and take photos of the beautiful indoor waterfall. It’s 150 acres of pristine beauty.

Take a Dive Trip

Roatan has always been known as a diver’s place to vacation. The beautiful waters and the wonderful places to dive, including around the Mesoamerican reef, make it perfect for scuba divers and snorkelers alike. You can find a number of tour operators to take you around to the best spots.

Go Boating

Why stay on shore when you have so much water to explore. You can head out onto a catamaran or a sailboat to experience the joy and peace of sailing on the ocean.

Catch Some Fish

Just as with the diving tour operators, you can find operators that can take you out fishing. They can take you to the top spots so you have a better chance of landing the big one.

Go Hiking

Hiking is one of the most popular activities for visitors to the island. Find a number of different places to spend your time walking through the gorgeous jungle. Make sure you bring your camera to catch some of the amazing wildlife!

Go Ziplining

Another way to explore the jungles is from above in the canopy. Hook up to a zipline and zoom through the jungle while watching the world rush by below you. It’s an interesting way to experience the island.

Even Higher

You can get a view that’s even better than the ziplines when you head a bit higher and explore the company with a helicopter. You can see just how beautiful and wondrous Roatan is when you are on the ground, but seeing it from the air offers you a brand new perspective on just how impressive it really is.

Archs Iguana and Marine Park

You will see all sorts of creatures at this park, and it should definitely be on your list of places to see. Check out the iguanas, along with monkeys, barracuda, and more.

Roatan Butterfly Gardens

These gardens are quite impressive due to all of the different species of butterfly they have. You can learn about many different butterflies, and birds, on a guided tour. You can also take your time and explore the gardens on your own if you prefer. It is a wonderful and magical place to visit.

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