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Best Time to Visit Roatan: Low Season

Like any destination that is popular with tourists, Roatan has busier and slower times based on a variety of factors. The most common factors are weather and holidays. Over the winter in North America and Europe, tourists head south for warmer temperatures. Holidays also provide extra time off of work, enabling people to travel farther from home.

Roatan follows this same pattern with its busiest time of year being over the winter holidays. Between American Thanksgiving and Easter each year is considered to be the high season for tourism. The weeks around Christmas and New Years are incredibly busy, as is the week before Easter.

But here’s a little secret we are going to tell you: visiting a tourism destination during the low season is the best time to go!

When there aren’t as many tourists visiting a place, you will encounter fewer crowds, plus you’re more likely to get better deals and lower prices on products and services. Low season is a fantastic time to visit Roatan so you can take advantage of great deals from hotels or vacation rentals and you don’t have to worry that activities will be sold out or even too full!

The end of summer and early fall is a perfect time to visit Roatan. The heat is at its peak, so there is no better time to enjoy the gorgeous Caribbean water to cool off. Water activities are the primary reason people come to Roatan, so be sure to take advantage and participate.

Whether you are an avid SCUBA diver or a complete novice, Roatan’s coral reef is one to be explored. If breathing 40 feet underwater doesn’t sound appealing to you, there are plenty of other options at or above sea level. Kayaking and paddleboarding are both very popular activities, with rentals and tours available through multiple different companies on the island. Jet skis, flyboard, and parasailing offer more fast-paced adventure, while glass bottom boats and catamaran sailing cater to the more relaxed tourists.

Tour companies and individuals are all much more flexible with times and options during low season than they are during high season. With less demand for services, you can pick and choose when you want to do each activity without worrying about it being full already. Visiting during low season is the best way to completely relax and unwind on an island vacation.

Whatever your preference for being on or under the water, there is ample opportunity to enjoy the island life. If you’re visiting Roatan during low season at the end of summer you will definitely want to take advantage of the refreshing Caribbean water and the complete lack of crowds. Come see what paradise looks like for locals, away from the crowds while everyone is relaxed. Coming to Roatan during low season is the best way to see what island life is truly like. Come join us!

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