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Coxen Hole, Roatan

The administrative center for the island is Coxen Hole, the capital of the Department (state) of the Bay Islands. Government offices are located in Coxen Hole and include immigration, customs, the courthouse, the police station and the Roatan municipal offices. The cruise ship dock is in Coxen Hole and the airport is located just outside of town. While most expats choose not to live in Coxen Hole, for those who live on the west side of the island, this is where you go to run errands. In the town’s business district you’ll find custom brokers, retail businesses, souvenir shops, internet cafes, law offices, banks, and postal services.

Government Offices

-Police Station, Coxen Hole, Tel: 2445-3449, located approximately half a mile west of Mango Tree Center. It is the yellow building on the hill on the left side of the road as you are driving west. Open 24 hours seven days a week.
Emergency Police, dial *199.

-Municipal Police Office and the office of Chief Justice Joe Solomon, is located upstairs in the yellow building in the park area. Tel: 2445-0416.

-Roatan Municipality, Coxen Hole, Tel: 2445-1697. Monday to Friday 8:00am-5:00pm

-Immigration is located across from the Judicial Building in the park in Coxen Hole, Tel: 2445-1326.

-Customs is located off the park area before the immigration office, but generally people deal with custom agents. Tel: 2445-1315.


-Municipal Market, Calle Ocho (in front of Carrion), is a good option for finding fresh fruits and vegetables on Roatan.

-Plaza Mar is a mall located in Coxen Hole up the hill from the Petrosun Gas Station. There is a large supermarket, which also has a liquor store, school supply and clothing store. You will also find at Plaza Mar, a gift store, dentist, Bauer Ballet Studio and Ana Caribe Custom Agents.

-Flying Fish, offers export quality fish products in any quantity. The company has its own fishing fleet and buys produce from local fishermen to insure quality. They also take special orders.

-Tiendas Carrion on the main road into Coxen Hole is a part of the Honduran department store chain, has a good selection of clothing, shoes, personal and household accessories.

-HB Warren in Coxen Hole has been a local supermarket business for many years. While selling a wide range of produce, the store also serves as a central meeting place in Coxen Hole and out front you’ll also find newspaper salesmen and some local vendors.


-Bojangles, next to PETROSUN gas station at the entrance to Coxen Hole, offers fast food chicken meals. Open daily for lunch and dinner.

-Pizza Inn, next door to Bojangles, offers a variety of pizza.

-Around the Coxen Hole market area you will find various local food restaurants. A popular one is Las Rocas which serves local dishes and baleadas.

Towards the Port of Roatan Cruise Ship dock you will find a variety of restaurants and bars offering local fare. Though open most days of the week, some may close on days no cruise ship comes to port.

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