Discover Flowers Bay in Roatan

Flowers Bay, Roatan

If you are interested in the local life on Roatan, make sure to pay a visit to the lovely Flowers Bay. It is one of the oldest communities on the island and boasts everything from traditional Roatan homes to local vendors selling local produce.

Conveniently located right between West End and Coxen Hole, Flowers Bay is nestled on the southwestern shore. Thanks to its strategic central location, everyone who is traveling across Roatan will at some point pass through this area.

Things to do in Flowers Bay

Although there are not that many classic activities for tourists here in Flowers Bay, the community offers plenty of charm. There is the community basketball court where there is always a game going on. There is a footpath which runs along the ocean front road which is popular with walkers and joggers and you will find one of two small beaches which are very popular with local residents on the weekends.

Flower’s Bay is an ideal destination for travelers who are looking for some peace and quiet and wish to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the bigger tourist towns.

Places to Stay in Flowers Bay

Although this area is not as popular as western places on the island, you will find some rental options in Flowers Bay. There are not that many resorts and villas here, but still, you can find some good deals on accommodation in Flowers Bay.

Where to Eat and Drink in Flowers Bay

You will find several vendors along the road in Flowers Bay, as well as a couple of local eateries. For an unforgettable seafood feast, make sure to head to the fabulous Gio’s Seafood Restaurant.

Visiting Flowers Bay

Vacationers who are visiting Roatan should definitely come and see Flowers Bay community which is built right on the water. In case you are getting around with a rental, make sure to drive carefully as there are plenty of pedestrians, kids playing on the streets, and taxi drivers who are always in a rush. The best advice we can give you is come and enjoy the spectacular ocean views and admire the colorful homes and community of Flowers Bay.

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