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Diving in Roatan

For many years, Roatan, an island just off the coast of Honduras, was something of a secret diving haven known only to a few. Recently, more and more people have been coming to the beautiful island in search of leisure and adventure. It offers plenty of both. Diving is one of the most popular activities in the area, and with good reason – the diving spots are plentiful and they are truly spectacular. Anyone who wants to spend a vacation exploring the clear blue waters will enjoy a stay on the island.

The Reef is Spectacular

What is it that makes diving in and around Roatan so great? The biggest attraction to the area is the reef. The Mesoamerican Reef is the largest reef in the Caribbean and the second largest reef in the world. Only the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia is larger. As anyone who dives knows, reefs make perfect diving spots, filled with impressive sights and marine life galore.

Diving enthusiasts can explore dozens of different dive sites all around the island, each with a special charm and personality all its own. Thanks to the wealth of diving options around Roatan, it can be a vacation destination travelers return to year after year, just so they can experience all of them. Most divers also find a few favorite spots they like to dive repeatedly. One of the popular options is the El Aguila wreck. Divers can see dolphins, eels, and even sharks in some locations for the most adventurous.

Learn to Dive in Roatan

Many people have always loved the idea of diving, but they never took the time to learn. The thought of learning to dive can seem intimidating to some, especially those who want to learn while they are on vacation. However, the calm and pristine waters of Roatan are a great place to receive dive training. Experienced and professional divers provide all the training needed to get new divers ready to experience the world of diving.

Most of the time, new divers can get the training they need in just a couple of days. They make this the first step on their vacation, and then they can experience some of the different dive spots around the island, such as Canyon Reef, Mandy’s Eel Garden, Turtle Crossing, and Blue Channel.

From the brand new diver just receiving training to the experienced pro who dives all over the world, Roatan is the perfect place to go.

Taking Conservation Seriously

Conservation is very important to many on Roatan. In January of 2005, a group of diver operators and business people in the area created the Roatan Marine Park in an effort to help protect the reef. Over the years, the project grew, and now they help to ensure the safety and the protection of the fragile area, while still allowing divers from all over the world to come and enjoy the park. They are making a real difference when it comes to keeping the waters of Roatan safe and pristine for future generations to enjoy.

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