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Vacation Rentals Roatan

Finding a vacation rental in Roatan is easier than you might think! There are several websites you can check for a variety of options to make sure you find the perfect vacation rental for your stay in Roatan.

When searching for a vacation rental, the first thing you want to decide is your budget. Keep in mind that a beachfront rental will likely be more costly, and neighborhood location will determine price range as well. The East End of Roatan offers large vacation rentals at a lower cost than small condos you might find on West Bay Beach. It all depends upon your own preferences.

Speaking of location, what’s the best location for a vacation in Roatan? Again, it depends on your preferences. Are you taking a vacation with the kids who want to play on the beach all day every day? Are you looking for a quiet, tranquil location away from all the crowds? Or are you looking for a romantic getaway for your honeymoon? Think about the style of vacation you’d like and then choose your neighbourhood accordingly.

Vacation rentals in West Bay might be right on the beach, or they may be well off the beach into the surrounding neighborhoods, primarily Turtle Crossing and Lighthouse Estates. You’ll need a rental car if you’re not right on the beach, so take that into consideration.

Alternatively, staying in West End means you can walk everywhere and you will probably just take water taxis to West Bay Beach for the day if you want to change your scenery.

Vacation rentals abound in Sandy Bay, and it’s up to you if you want a rental car or not. If you’re heading to West End or West Bay every day, rent a car. But if you’re only leaving the rental every once in a while, cabs are very affordable and easily acquired here.

The farther east you head, the more likely it is that you will need a rental car at your vacation rental. Anything past French Harbour offers very little opportunity to walk to restaurants or bars or activities. What it does offer is tranquility and true Caribbean charm.

If you’re coming to Roatan for a diving vacation, keep in mind the amount of time you’ll be spending at the dive shop. Booking a vacation rental near your dive shop will save you tons of time going back and forth each day, making it more convenient and offering you plenty of time for other activities, too.

If you’re hoping to snorkel out from your vacation rental every morning, make sure you’re not only right on the beach, but also in an area without much boat traffic so that it’s safe to swim out on your own.

After deciding on your preferred location, how can you find a vacation rental in Roatan? This is the easy part! Once you’ve decided on your budget and you’ve narrowed down your desired neighborhood based on proximity to the beach and to the activities you want to do, plus whether or not you want a rental car, it’s time to start searching.

Vacation rental websites like,, and all have countless listings for Roatan. Alternatively, you can go directly to a specific vacation rental company if you’d prefer. There are many in Roatan, ranging from very small to extremely large! Take your pick through a simple online search to find the vacation rental home of your dreams.

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