Healthy, Active Roatan Vacation

When you think of an island vacation, are you just thinking of lounging on the beach and drinking tropical cocktails all day long? While that might be the ideal vacation for some people, there are countless other options for a healthy, active Roatan vacation.

If you’re hoping to enjoy a bit of light ecotourism while on your Caribbean island vacation, you’ll find plenty of activity providers and local restaurants working toward sustainability and using environmentally friendly practices. Take a look at our suggestions for staying active and eating healthy while you’re visiting Roatan.

Gyms in Roatan

Roatan has become an island filled with active people living a fit and healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re coming for vacation or to live here permanently, there are multiple gyms in Roatan where you can workout.

With its brand new location in Coxen Hole, Flex Appeal gym offers extensive equipment and lots of space. Free weights and machines offer you the option to customize your own workout.

On the main road to West Bay at the West End/Flowers Bay split, you’ll find Mix Max Cardio. Head here for outdoor workout classes to truly take advantage of the island lifestyle. Customized eating plans round out the services from this gym if you’re staying on the island for a while.

You’ll also find other gym options in vacation rentals as well as hotels and resorts throughout the island, offering you the chance to get in a workout before hitting the beach all day.

Active Things to Do in Roatan

It’s no secret that Roatan is an outdoor activity destination – the island is so water-focused that you’ll have a hard time ignoring all the fun active things to do in Roatan! Whether you’re going swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, paddle boarding, kayaking, or kitesurfing, you’ll be able to get in a water-based workout while taking in the sights and loving the island.

Not much of a water person? That’s okay, you’ll still find great opportunities to stay active on land! Check out the hiking at Blue Harbor Tropical Arboretum, or specifically plan your trip around an Extreme Roatan event or a Roatan road race. Roatan is the perfect destination for active people!

Healthy Food in Roatan

There are plenty of options to eat healthy in Roatan – all you have to do is ask around! While the standard beach bar menus are easily found, and of course you’ll find ample baleada and taco stands [link to:], you might be surprised how many eateries are offering very healthy alternatives.

Take a look at places like Café Escondido in West End for healthy Asian-inspired dishes, all with a very eco-friendly focus. Cardboard to-go containers and reusable chopsticks are the norm here, as they make every effort to avoid more plastics finding their way into our oceans.

Other great options include Fresh Bakery at Alba Plaza, The Landing at The Beach House in West End, LaLa Art Gallery and Café in West Bay, or Wraps & Art in West End. The options to eat healthy in Roatan are plentiful; just ask around so you find the best options!

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