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Holidays in the Tropics

When you think of the winter holidays, you’re probably picturing a white Christmas and a crystal clear December sky for New Years Eve fireworks. You’re probably picturing festive decorations and sparkling lights hung on trees. Maybe you’re even imagining dinner parties and champagne toasts to the New Year.

But what would you say if we told you that you could have all that and more celebrating the holidays in the tropics?

Sure, your white Christmas probably meant a blanket of white snow on the ground. But in Roatan, our white Christmas means enjoying a day of celebrations on the fine, white sandy beaches of this gorgeous tropical island.

We decorate our palm trees instead of firs; we shoot fireworks over the Caribbean Sea on a warm, clear night and watch their colors dance across the water’s surface.

In Roatan, we spend the holiday season sharing meals with friends and family, just like people in colder climes. We spend the holiday season wearing Santa hats and singing loudly for all to hear – sometimes too loudly as the sound echoes along the calm Caribbean water.

Spending holidays in the tropics means enjoying the sunshine and relaxing in a hammock. The holidays can become stressful for many people: the pressure to spend lots of money, the pressure to host or attend endless parties for work and family. Busy schedules and depleting finances can be a burden.

But the holiday season is meant to be joyful and lighthearted – that’s the way it is in Roatan!

What we don’t do spending holidays in the tropics is shiver in the winter cold. We don’t trudge through slush on the sidewalks to get to a New Years Eve party. We bask in the sunshine and we smile as we stroll through the gentle surf.

The holidays in the tropics are simply magical.

If you’re visiting Roatan anytime in December into the first week of January, you’re sure to find plenty of fun events and celebrations taking place around the island. Special dinners, holiday-themed events on the beach, and plenty of celebratory parties will be announced by bars, restaurants, and hotels throughout the month.

In addition to the plethora of celebratory events, Roatan is filled with very proactive residents who care for their neighbors. The holidays are a popular time for fundraisers anywhere in the world – and Roatan is no exception.

If you’re visiting or moving to Roatan, there are several organizations working to improve the lives of others. You’ll find some annual events happening during December and January to help aid these organizations in their annual efforts. You can help spread more holiday cheer by attending these functions, or even by just spreading the word about their work.

You can also consider bringing donations with you anytime you visit Roatan, but especially during the holiday season. Contact one of the island’s many nonprofit organizations based on the type of donations you’d like to bring, whether it’s medicines/medical supplies, school supplies, toys, or pet care supplies.

The holidays are a great reminder to reach out to our neighbors in need, and Roatan’s residents offer a wonderful example to follow.

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