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Hurricane Felix

Hurricane Felix became a serious concern to the people of Roatan and the Bay Islands on Saturday Sept 1, 2007 as the forecasted storm tracking was showing Felix heading toward Roatan and the Bay Islands as well as the coast of Honduras. Everyone on the island got ready to face a great storm.

On Sunday Sept 2, 2007, Hurricane Felix started the day a Category 2 storm with winds of 75 Mph at 6am with pressure of 993. The storm then grew into a Cat 2 by 11:30am, a Cat 3 at 2pm, a Cat 4 at 5pm and finally a Category 5 at 6:30 pm with winds of 165mph and pressure of 934. A very rapid growth storm and still heading towards Roatan and the Bay Islands!

People started preparing on Sunday for this severe storm. The decision was made by the Honduran Government to evacuate all tourists from Roatan on Monday Sept 3rd.

On Monday Sept 3, 2007 at 8am Hurricane Felix was still at 165Mph with a pressure of 937, the track was beginning to drop a bit more to the south to pass between Roatan and the Bay Islands and the coast of Honduras. By now everyone on the island was preparing. Tourists were taken to the airport where cooperation of airlines provided flights for the tourists. Not a vacation as expected – but necessary to keep all Roatan and the Bay Islands tourists safe and out of potential harms way.

Grocery store and gas station lines were long, propane quickly sold out, and the Ferreterias had no more plywood. Contractors were ‘buttoning up’ their construction projects plus answering people’s calls to install plywood over windows and doorways. All tourist businesses were taking care of their visitors, plus preparing their businesses. By 2pm Hurricane Felix was beginning to reduce strength – down to 145Mph. At 8pm, 135 Mph winds and pressure was up to 953, tracking had now changed to a forecasted path to make landfall at the Honduras, Nicaraguan border. We all started taking a deep breath!

On Tuesday Sept 4, 2007 Hurricane Felix made landfall in Nicaragua and along the Miskito Coast of Honduras. Roatan and the Bay Islands received a minor amount of rain late Tuesday afternoon and night. Wind gusts of approximately 50 mph came in waves with the outer bands of the Hurricane.

No damage either by wind or rain is reported any place in the Bay Islands – We are ready for your visit!

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