Real Island Time in Roatan

We’ve all heard of the concept of “Island Time.” While it may seem like an excuse to just do nothing on vacation, Island Time in Roatan is so much more than that. It’s a way of living, and a way of letting go.

Relax Into Island Time on Vacation

Tourists visiting Roatan never truly have enough time on the island. Whether you’re visiting for a day via cruise ship or for a week away from work, this island will be hard to leave.

It’s often said that Roatan acts like a Vortex. People visit the island, and just never seem to go back. Some are attracted to the scuba diving. Some are seeking a cheaper cost of living. But everyone who gets pulled into the Roatan Vortex learns that living on Island Time is an ideal way to live.

While on vacation in Roatan, you should try to relax into Island Time. Look around you and realize that nobody here is glued to a smartphone. Neighbors walk down the street looking up and greeting each other. Bars are filled with chatter and stories told in real time – not snapped through filters in short snippets.

Island Time means letting go of those constraints and pressures. You don’t need to check your inbox every two minutes here – it can wait. You don’t need to even carry your phone with you everywhere – it won’t fare well underwater anyway.

Be Present and Forget the Phone

Try to relax into Island Time and be truly present while you’re visiting Roatan. This is a place where you can refresh your soul and relax your shoulders a bit more. Feel the stress slip away as the sun shines on your skin.

It’s okay to take a long, slow stroll down the beach. Take your time. Just breathe, look around you. Wonder at the massive expanse of Caribbean Sea before you and realize that your problems are small in comparison.

Whether you’re on vacation or you’ve been sucked into the Roatan Vortex to stay permanently, you’ll need to adjust to Island Time.

Learn to slow down in everything you do – from standing in line at the grocery store while the staff chats with the customer in front of you, to lazing in a swaying hammock for hours on end.

Appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds you. Look out at the horizon to observe the dancing reflections of sunshine on saltwater. Look down when you hear the little scurrying of lizards by your feet. Look up to listen to the hummingbirds zip around your head and the tropical birds call to each other each morning.

Enjoy the fun activity of just being. As we see tourists spend each additional day in this tranquil escape from the stresses of home, we see them slow down further and truly relax.

We see them stress less about planning each minute of their vacation. We notice they wade calmly into the sea without a watch or a phone to tell them when to leave. We watch as Island Time becomes reality and the sun marks their days.

There’s no need to rush through your time in Roatan. Relax into Island Time. We’re sure you’ll enjoy it.

Enjoy Roatan Island Time on a Roatan Tour.

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