Medical Facilities Roatan

A frequent question from visitors and potential expats is about the medical facilities in Roatan and medical care available on the island. There are multiple options available, from small clinics to a brand new, world-class hospital. If you are visiting Roatan or moving to Roatan, you can rest assured that medical care is available.

With the addition of the new Hospital Cemesa in French Harbour, residents and visitors alike have excellent access to medical services from all points on Roatan. As always when you travel or move somewhere new, it’s important that you know emergency contact information should you require medical assistance, so check with your concierge to be prepared.

Medical Clinics in Roatan

Anthony’ Key Resort (AKR) has its own medical clinic on-site, with the island’s only hyperbaric chamber. With the popularity of scuba diving in Roatan, having a chamber at AKR is crucial to the safety and treatment of any dive-related issues. The AKR clinic doesn’t only serve divers, however. Their services extend to the community at large, offering the western side of Roatan an excellent option for medical services.

Just down the road from AKR, you’ll find Clinica Esperanza, or Nurse Peggy’s Clinic. This is another well-established facility in Sandy Bay, offering affordable services to the local community.

Hospitals in Coxen Hole Roatan

There are two medical facilities located in Coxen Hole: Woods Clinic and the Roatan public hospital. When entering town from the western side of the island along the main road, you’ll see the public hospital on your right, and Woods Clinic is located just at the curve in the main road through town along the water.

New Hospital in French Harbour, Roatan

Hospital Cemesa is a popular medical facility in San Pedro Sula, on the Honduran mainland. As of June 2016, a brand new branch of Hospital Cemesa is open in French Harbour, at the MegaPlaza. Encompassing the entire second floor of the central building at the plaza, Hospital Cemesa offers world-class facilities and services, including 24-hour emergency care. This location especially helps service the East End community, offering better proximity than the other services located in Coxen Hole and Sandy Bay. Having Hospital Cemesa on Roatan is a welcome addition to the medical services and facilities already on the island.

Other Medical Services in Roatan

The Global Alliance for Regenerative Medicine (GARM) Clinic is located at Parrot Tree Plantation, just past French Harbour, and also offers a monthly clinic at Infinity Bay Resort in West Bay on Wednesdays. The clinic specializes in alternative medicine, and offers a wide array of services for both residents and visitors looking to improve their quality of life. GARM has attracted a number of medical tourists to Roatan, and they are associated with Hospital Cemesa, in addition to other medical facilities and organizations.

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