Planning your move to Roatan

We know what you’re thinking: where do you even start to plan your move to Roatan?

There is so much to consider, from where to live on the island, to how to find real estate options in Roatan, to daily life questions like social activities and getting around.

In an effort to help you get started, we’ve accumulated an enormous amount of information on Roatanet about the island and the plentiful services available to you here. To even further narrow down some information for you to start planning, this is your introduction on how to begin to plan your move to Roatan.

First things first, understand the layout of the island. The more populated area is the western part of the island, with West End and West Bay claiming the majority of tourism and therefore the majority of development as well. This is our breakdown between the two areas, plus this article is a nice overview of where vacation rental properties are located to give you an idea of other popular tourist spots.

The popular tourism areas are important to know if you’re considering investing in a vacation home to rent out while you’re not using it, or if you’d like to avoid the touristy areas altogether and live a quieter life where there is less development.

While dreaming of moving to paradise sounds fantastic, actually making the move is even better! You’ll want to understand the island real estate before jumping in though, so start here. This article helps you better understand Roatan real estate, while this article should be helpful as a review of the market in 2015 and how 2016 looks for the Roatan real estate market.

An investment in Roatan looks like a promising one, based on everything we’ve seen over the last several years. Roatan received all this amazing press and endless accolades in 2015, indicating a huge growth year in 2016.

Additionally, Roatan has the investment of one of the world’s largest cruise lines, Carnival Corporation, with their own port built at Mahogany Bay. Direct international flights from the U.S. and Canada indicate continued growth for tourism with more flights being added each year. These are all strong indications that the island is on a huge upward trend right now.

That’s all great for real estate and investing, but what about daily life on the island? Take a look through some of our articles that will give you a glimpse into what you might eat, where you might play, and how you might spend your years in Roatan.

Lesson number one: baleadas are delicious, albeit unhealthy. So when you need healthy food, head here instead.

Lesson number two: living in the tropics means dealing with creepy crawlies all the time. You might wonder how we handle those tropical bugs, so here’s some starter advice, but you’ll find out for yourself what works long-term. And you’ll want to avoid those sand fleas as you enjoy live music on the beach – a regular favourite activity for Roatan residents. Take a look at these popular venues, which are also great opportunities to make new friends!

Lesson number three: Roatan has various seasons. As a tourist destination, keep in mind there are slow and busy times of year for the island. The low season is a popular time for local residents to sit back and relax, enjoying quiet beaches and far fewer tourists around. Another season to understand, which overlaps with busy season, is rainy season in Roatan. It’s not a terrible way to spend a winter after all! And, of course, there’s the holiday season. A huge consideration when moving abroad is spending holidays away from home…but holidays in the tropics are truly magical.

As you continue to plan your move to Roatan, be sure to consult Roatanet for more insight and insider tips for Roatan real estate, plus all the fun and wonderful aspects of island life.

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