Playing Golf in Roatan Honduras

Located on the lovely green hillside and surrounded by the charming Caribbean deep-blue waters, Pristine Bay Resort is also home to the only luxury golf course on Roatan. This amazing resort offers a number of amazing facilities and amenities including private villas, tennis courts, and infinity pools, but its main attraction is definitely the Black Pearl, an 18-hole championship golf course which was designed by the famous golf course designer, Pete Dye.

A Guided Tour of the Black Pearl

Besides being one of the most sought golf courses in the regign, the Black Pearl is one of the only full golf course in region. It has 18 holes and boasts a number of unique features including islands and spectacular views of the barrier reef. This is also an eco-friendly golf course, as it is one of only a few golf courses in the world to use a special type of grass also known as Seashore Paspalum. The grass is famous for its translucent green hue, environmental compatibility, and easy maintenance.

Golf Lessons

Nestled into the coast, the Black Pearl golf course isn’t just for the professional golfers, as it welcomes both seasoned and beginner players. A golf course that overlooks the amazing Mesoamerican Barrier Reef is definitely a great place to learn some basic golf moves.

Both group and individual lessons are offered, which means that your lessons can be shared with friends and family and private with a one-on-one instruction. Mr. George Lahman has been working as a golf instructor at the resort for three years now, you will definitely find his extensive knowledge of the sport helpful in every way.

Pro Shop

The great thing about the Black Pearl gold course at the Pristine Bay Resort is that it has a Pro Shop. In case you want to buy a new ball or need a hat, they have a nice selection of all kinds of golf gadgets and equipment.

The pro shop offers all of the necessities for your golfing needs and the friendly staff is there to assist you in every way possible. The carrier’s top brands at the Pro Shop include Oakley, Foot Joy, and Adidas. They also offer apparel for kids, men, and women. Unfortunately, there are no golf clubs for sale. However, there is a variety of golf merchandise to choose from including bags, towels, and other golfing necessities.

Golf Tournaments

Come participate in a tournament at the Black Pearl championship golf course. You can also contact the resort in case you wish to create your own tournament.

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