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Protect the Roatan Yellow Naped Parrot

The island of Roatan, just of the Honduran coast, has a bevy of different types of wildlife that astound and amaze travelers and residents alike. One of the most popular birds in the area is the yellow-naped parrot, sometimes called a yellow-naped Amazon. The bright green parrot, with the signature yellow nape, is having some trouble surviving and thriving in the wild for a couple of reasons.

First, in many of the areas the parrots call home, there is quite a bit of deforestation happening right now. With their habitat being destroyed, the birds are disappearing. The second reason the birds are having trouble in the wild is because of the illegal pet trade. People are removing young birds from the jungles and selling them because they make good pets. They are intelligent birds that have the capability to mimic sounds, and this includes human speech. One of the things that attract people to parrots is the fact that they can speak. These yellow-naped parrots are particularly adept at speech mimicry, and that naturally makes them more popular. In both cases, it is people that cause these birds so much harm.

Fortunately, some people are taking steps to curb the deforestation and to get better control over the pet trade. The island of Roatan and other places throughout Central America are starting to see just how important it is to keep the natural world as pristine as possible. By keeping more habitat areas available for the Roatan naped parrot, they should start to do better in the wild in the coming years, as long as the pet trade does not continue to decimate their numbers.

See the Birds in the Wild

The best way to see these birds is in the wild. Of course, that’s not always easy. They are green with small areas of yellow, which help them to camouflage well into the jungle. If you aren’t careful, you could miss them entirely. You may want to use a guide who can show you where the birds spend their time and who can show you how you may observe the birds without causing them any duress.

One of the best places to see the parrots is the Blue Harbor Tropical Arboretum. Even though this beautiful garden is known for their butterflies, it is possible to see quite a few birds, including the parrots. The guided tour, which shows you all of the butterflies, takes about an hour, but you can explore the area on your own if you prefer.

Roatan has a large number of wild areas and hiking areas visitors and locals can enjoy. Whenever you are spending time out in the jungles, you should make sure you take the time to look around and soak up your surroundings. Look for these beautiful Roatan naped parrots and see what other types of animals are in the area. You will find the wildlife on the island is just as interesting as the beaches and the water. Always treat any birds and animals you find with the respect they deserve.

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