Roatan Diving

Roatan is definitely one of the best islands for diving in the Caribbean. It’s an ideal destination for both beginners and experienced divers and features plenty of wrecks, shallow dives, spots with drop-offs and walls. Beginners will love the calm waters inside the reefs with pool-like conditions, while experienced divers will have an opportunity to explore numerous caverns. The incredible visibility and array of marine life offer ideal diving conditions in Roatan. There are also many dive operators that offer snorkeling adventures for divers of all levels. We’ve rounded up a list of 5 best dive sites on the island.

1 – Mary’s Place

One of the most popular and most visited dive sites on the island, Mary’s Place is located on the south side of Roatan and was created by a volcanic activity. Thanks to a huge fissure that was created in the reef, steep walls made a coral labyrinth that is at more than 100-feet deep.

If you are looking for sea fans and rare black corals, you should definitely check out this spot. One dive per diver is allowed here at Mary’s Place and there are two cracks that showcase coral growth along the walls.

2 – Dolphin’s Den

Located on the north side of Roatan, Dolphin’s Den is a cave-like swim through that offers soft coral and small reef life including snapping shrimp, anemones, and slipper lobsters. Canyons here are between 50 and 70 feet deep and silversides and eels can easily be spotted. The name of this dive site comes from a tragic incident when many dolphins got disoriented here and unfortunately drowned. Travelers can swim into the tunnels with guides to see the famous skull.

3 – El Aguila

El Aguila is located on the west side of the island approx 10 minutes from West End. When Honduras was hit by Hurricane Mitch back in 1998, this wreck was split into three sections which made it an interesting dive spot. Besides an amazing coral wall, this wreck boasts an abundance of sea creatures such as green moray eels and goliath and black groupers. Keep in mind that you will only have a few minutes of bottom time here at El Aguila.

4 – CoCo View Wall

Open to all divers, CoCo View Wall is located close to the CoCo View Resort and is one of the most famous wall dives on the island. There are soft and hard corals, as well as natural congregating points that attract lobsters and crabs. There is a chance that you will see the famous Green Moray Eel that usually swims from CoCo View Wall to the Wreck of the Prince Albert. Seahorses can be spotted near the top of the wall.

5 – Prince Albert Wreck

This dive site is located right in front of Coco View and was created by a 140-foot long island freighter that sunk in 1987. Prince Albert Wreck’s large hull offers many species of fish life and the entrance to the wreck was modified so that divers can have easy access to the dive spot. Expect to find a beautiful soft coral forest here at Prince Albert Wreck.

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