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Roatan Fashion

“No shoes, no shirt, no problem”- Roatan motto! Living on an island can be quite a fashion challenge for those who seek dressing up in the latest high in clothing. With a small mall, a couple boutiques here and there and with very few shopping centers it is not easy to always “dress to impress”. However, living on an island isn’t always the best place to store brand name items and we can thank the weather for that!

However, for those seeking more than a bathing suite or flip flops, in small boutiques on the island you can purchase some brand name products. For some people it is considered a splurge but for others it is a life style. In many occasions, some of the product may not be authentic so it is important to have a good eye. In many occasions it is best to order stuff online, even if it requires a lot of patience.

The mall on the island has about eight clothing stores including kids clothing. Every store is different and provides diverse styles and quality of clothing. Our tropical weather lets us dress in a summer or spring outfits. Colors, accessories, sunglasses and big bags are things that are able to mix and match easily with the fashion trends on the island.

Shorts, T-shirts or tank top and flip flops is the casual attire of an islander. It is perfect for the warm days, breezy evenings and cool nights! It is also an easy outfit to pull off, accessorize and throw on top of a bathing suit.

There is no need to complicate things or go over the top with your looks. A simple look is a pretty look! Whether you live here or visit, it will result a bit obvious that Roatan is not the fashion capital of Honduras, but it sure is the place to express, diversify and create a colorful outfit that suits many occasions. And as for days on the beach it is safe to stick to our famous motto!t!

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