Roatan Grocery Stores

Roatan Grocery Stores

The best way to feel at home and mingle with locals when you are on a vacation, is to shop at grocery stores! It’s always fun to explore local brands and local produce in the area, and get a taste of what it’s like to live in Roatan. Fortunately, Roatan is one of the most developed islands out of the three main bay islands in Honduras. Therefore, the grocery stores also stock a lot of items both local and international. The population is quite large, exceeding 100,000 people, and you can’t overlook the large amount of tourists the island receives round the year. Here’s your guide to the grocery stores in Roatan.

Locations of Grocery Stores

The main town of Coxen Hole in Roatan has many grocery stores. There are also a number of big grocery stories available in the main town of French Harbour. It’s quite convenient and sensible to stop at one after your arrival to stock up on some staples and local snacks and drinks.

These grocery stores will probably have the popular international brands you are fond of and regularly use. But be prepared to pay a few extra bucks because of the shipping costs to Roatan.

Supermarkets in Roatan

The largest grocery store chain in Roatan that stocks both international brands as well as local produces is called Eldons Supermarkets. You will find branches of this chain in Coxen Hole along its main road, as well as the downtown area of Coxen Hole. There is also a large store by the same name in the French Harbour. They also own several PetroSun gas stations, so you can find the same treats and snacks at the gas station too.

Besides Eldons Supermarkets, you can also find most of the things at Plaza Mar grocery store. It is located up the hill from main road at Coxen Hole.

Things to Buy from Roatan Grocery Stores

Well of course we are not going to guide you on how to buy your favorite shampoo bottles or dish soap, but we are sure you are not at Roatan’s grocery store to buy them either. Although stocking up on staples is probably a good idea as it saves money on dining out for all meals during your stay, we highly recommend getting some local produces and brands. They make for great gifts for family and friends.. You can get fresh local honey, local coffee beans and delicious Roatan chocolate as souvenirs on your way back home.

If you are on a tight schedule, you can purchase these items from mini marts located in Sandy Bay, West End or several other spots along the main roads on the island.

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