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Would you like bug spray with that? In order to avoid Malaria and Dengue both common to Honduras, the single most important thing to remember when traveling to this beautiful country is to keep the bug spray close!

When planning a trip to any destination it is important to consult with your physician in case any vaccinations are required to enter that specific area. Roatan located in the Bay Islands can be visited by anyone with no need of vaccinations. Although Roatan can be visited without the need of vaccination records, your home country may require you to be up to date with your medical needs.

Both, Malaria and Dengue are transmitted by mosquitoes and two very easy preventives exist. Firstly, sleep under mosquito netting as those pesky critters like to feast on still bodies at night. Secondly, carry bug spray in a bag and take it everywhere with you.

Malaria is mostly found along the North Coast of Honduras, including the Bay Islands. Malaria can be treated with prescription drugs. The drug type and length of treatment may vary. Factors such as the place where you were infected, how long you have been sick, age and whether the patient is pregnant determine how long and how much treatment you will be prescribed.

Chloroquine is a preventative medicine for malaria but it is not safe to take it for an extended period of time. The safest method is visiting a doctor as soon as you encounter any of the symptoms of the disease.

Dengue, on the other hand, can be found all over Honduras. Also, the type of Dengue varies since there are three different types, Dengue Fever, Dengue Hemorrhagic and Dengue Shock Syndrome. If not treated properly, the disease could get worse and reach different levels ranging from Dengue Fever to Dengue Shock Syndrome.
Treating Dengue is different than treating Malaria. There is no specific treatment for it but doctors recommend plenty of bed rest, drinking lots of fluids and fever reducers. Aspirin is not recommended to people who are suffering from Dengue but doctors do advise patients with Dengue to take Acetaminophen or other pain reducers. Most people recover within a period of two weeks.

Precaution methods are alike for both Dengue and Malaria. Sleeping with mosquito nets, using insect repellant at all times, wearing sleeved shirts and pants during dawn and dusk hours and in mosquito prone areas are simple ways to keep yourself protected. It is important to take precautionary measures even if you are on preventive medication.
Enjoying the tropical setting of the Bay islands can be incredible experiences just keep the bug spray close at hand.

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