Roatan Honduras Weather

Visiting Roatan Island in Honduras is truly an amazing experience, but before you book the tickets and hop on the next plane to this lovely island, you should take some time to read up about the weather conditions on the island. Like all destinations in the world that attract large crowds of tourists.

Roatan has a busy season and several months when there are fewer tourists on the island.There are many Americans who like to visit Roatan over the winter holidays and high season from tourism runs from Thanksgiving to Easter. Keep in mind that the weeks around New Years and Christmas are extremely busy and it is recommended to book accommodation and tickets months ahead.

Weather in Roatan

Well-known for its tropical climate, Roatan features plenty of abundant sunshine throughout the year. If you take a look at the average temperature on the island, it only varies by 8 degrees. Studies have shown that the best time to visit Roatan is in May and September when the prices are good, the weather is great, and there are not a lot of tourists around. Travelers who want to save some cash can head out to Roatan in October and November, but there is a chance that you will see a number of rainy days during this period. Mid or shoulder season lasts from June to August, while mid-December until after Easter is the high season when the island is full of visitors.

The Rainy Season in Roatan

The weather is bit cooler but still pleasant from October and January. During this time of year, there is a chance you’ll see both sunshine and rain and you’ll definitely get better deals and low prices on services and products. Low season also offers great deals on vacation rentals and hotels, but at the same time, it is an unpredictable time of year with more chance of rain and stormy weather.

Best Time for Scuba Diving

Roatan and Bay Islands are one of the highest rated diving destinations in the world. There are many divers who come here from February to April to check out the whale sharks that can be seen around Utila Island. For best visibility, visit the island from February to June.

Best Time for Events

If you are looking to witness a couple of events during your stay in Roatan, come in Xmas, Easter Week or in September for the International Fishing Tournament and West End Carnival.
So, When Should I Visit Roatan?

You can never really guarantee perfect weather in Roatan, but from March to August there is usually plenty of sunshine and almost no rain. In case you are hoping to find better deals on flights and accommodation and want to gamble with the rainy days, head out to Roatan between October and January.

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