Roatan Hotels and Resorts

Whatever your vacation style, you are guaranteed to find the perfect accommodation in Roatan. From high-class luxury to basic budget, Roatan hotels and resorts run the full range to accommodate every visitor. But it’s not only prices that differ among Roatan’s varied accommodations – there are vast differences in location, style, and activities. Let’s take a look at some of your options…

Roatan Hotels

The majority of tourism in Roatan is based on the western side of the island, primarily in Sandy Bay, West End, and West Bay. Throughout these areas you’ll find countless hotels ranging in size and style.

You can find boutique hotels offering a limited number of rooms and personalized service. You’ll also find larger hotels offering the more standardized amenities you’d expect from any hotel in the world. Your price range and desire to interact with staff or not will determine which style you should choose.

Roatan All-Inclusive Resorts

Roatan boasts a number of all-inclusive resorts throughout the island. While West Bay Beach is a popular stretch for several of these resorts, you’ll also find them dotted along the entire island. West End isn’t your spot for the all-inclusive style, but you can find these larger complexes pretty much anywhere else where there is a large stretch of beach.

The all-inclusive resorts east of the airport are more private and enjoy having their own locations away from all the crowds. Those on West Bay Beach all share the same area so guests often walk along the beach to other restaurants or bars during their stay.

Location, Location, Location

Do you want to stay at the resort for your full vacation? Or do you want to try every activity and sample different restaurants throughout your stay? Depending on your vacation style, you should choose a location for your Roatan hotel or resort that allows you to enjoy your holiday.

If your plan is to relax on the beach in complete privacy and not have to go anywhere throughout the week, choose an all-inclusive resort east of the airport. You’ll be able to enjoy the natural island beauty away from all crowds, save the other guests on-site.

If you’d prefer to do lots activities and head to different bars for nightlife, stay on the western side of the island where you can easily walk to or quickly cab to all of these locations.

Beachfront Hotels and Resorts

Keep in mind that not all Roatan hotels and resorts are located directly on the beachfront. This beautiful island has lush rolling hills and lots of gorgeous tropical jungle to also enjoy. Some hotels and resorts that are on the water also might not have beachfront – they could be on iron shore. This is fossilized coral that looks like black rocks. If you only want to find a beachfront hotel or resort, be sure to do your research so you’re not disappointed upon arrival!

All About the Diving

Scuba diving is a primary draw for tourists coming to Roatan. If your goal is to dive all day, every day while in Roatan, you should choose your accommodation based on your dive shop (or the reverse if you book your accommodation first). You don’t want to choose a dive shop that’s far from where you’re staying – it will add time, cost, and unnecessary stress to your days.

Be sure to communicate with your dive shop to make sure the accommodation you’re booking is nearby. Alternatively, you can choose a dive package at the resort you’re staying at, or ask your dive shop if they are partnered with any specific hotel or vacation rental.

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