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Roatan is a 33-mile island that is surrounded by the second largest reef in the world. Its turquoise blue waters attract thousands of tourists each season who come here to admire the natural beauty of this spectacular island. Did you know that Roatan was selected as the number three most beautiful island in the world by TripAdvisor Travelers’ Choice Awards? This is not the first time that Roatan got its recognition for being a charming place. Back in 2007, the popular Wall Street Journal did a piece on Roatan and named it the new spot of the Caribbean. After this, Roatan started gaining the attention of cruise lines, resorts and visitors. All of this comes as no surprise, as the island is a well-known destination for scuba diving and has hundreds of amazing dive sites including canyons, shipwrecks, and walls.

One of the Most Beautiful Islands in the Caribbean

Thanks to its small mountain ridge just 900 feet above sea leave and white sandy beaches, Roatan has quite a diverse topography. You will find a beautiful iron shoreline, jungle hilltops, lush valleys, and picturesque mangrove canals on the island. Check out some of the best Roatan pictures here to see the real beauty of this island in Honduras. Besides its natural beauty, Roatan is also home to a variety of hotels, resorts and both International and local restaurants that serve delicious food.

Snorkeling in Roatan

One of the top activities on the island is snorkeling and there are many different snorkeling spots worth visiting. For example, West Bay offers catamaran snorkeling tours that will take you away from the beach, while Sandy Bay offers some of the best locations for snorkeling and most of them are located right in front of your hotel or resort. Keep in mind the boat traffic in the area in Sandy Bay, especially if you are snorkeling alone. In case you are staying at West End, Half Moon Bay is an ideal location for snorkeling. In case you wish to get away from big tourist crowds, there are dozens of perfect snorkeling spot at Roatan’s East End. Some of the most popular sites here include the Calf and Cow.

Beautiful Beaches

There is definitely no shortage of spectacular beaches on the island. The white sand on West Bay Beach looks so soft and inviting, plus the sea is calm and there are no choppy waves. There is no seaweed here, which makes the whole experience even better. If you are looking for a secluded beach, head out to the north shore of the island to find the pristine Marbella Beach. Travelers who like busy beaches that offer plenty of water activities like private charters and scuba diving boats should go to the Half Moon Bay beach in West End. Here, you will find plenty of opportunity for paddle boarding, diving, and snorkeling.

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