Roatan Island Maps

Roatan is located close to the Mesoamerica Barrier Reef which is one of the largest barrier reefs in the world and home to 70% of the marine life in the Caribbean. If you are looking for a destination in the Caribbean with plenty of activities to choose from and a number of cool attractions worth visiting, you have come to the right place.

You can spend weeks exploring the island and its hidden coves and beaches, but in order to save time and get to do all of these things, having a map of Roatan can come in handy.

You can find a free map of Roatan here at and start discovering the charms of this amazing Caribbean island. In case you get lost on the island and don’t know where you are, a map of Roatan will help you get back on track. Visitors who are looking for a specific hidden beach or that special restaurant will surely want to have a map while exploring the island.

The Benefits of Travelling with a Map in Roatan

Places like Black Pearl golf course, Pirates of the Caribbean Zipline, and Camp Bay Beach are not that easy to find, especially if this is your first time in Roatan. Phones with a steady Internet connection can be helpful to find various destinations, but there are many places on the island where there is no phone signal whatsoever. This is why obtaining a map of Roatan during your summer vacation is important and necessary. There are many benefits from having a detailed map of the island in your hands. You can always check how to get to your next destination and you won’t spend hours running around in circles without having a clue how to reach that secluded beach or that amazing coral reef which is ideal for snorkeling.

Exploring Roatan is Easy with a Map

The good news is that Roatan is not a huge island and there is little chance that you get lost. Of course, vacationers who like exploring the wilderness and wish to find secluded spots that offer more privacy should definitely have a sense of direction and a map of the island in their pockets. The good news is offers a variety of maps including West End, West Bay Beach, Sandy Bay, Coxen Hole, French Harbor and the East End maps. On all of these maps, you will find locations for a wide range of attractions including historical monuments, diving spots, beaches, hotels, lodges, caves, bays, water taxis, restaurants, and bars.

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