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There are many folks moving to Roatan nowadays. Some of them retire and then move here, while others move to Roatan to work full-time or open their own businesses. The truth is that there are jobs available in speciality industries and plenty of opportunities for work and new businesses in Roatan.

Tourism Jobs in Roatan

Roatan is well-known for its amazing barrier reef, so it’s no wonder that water sports are quite popular here. It’s a great snorkeling and scuba diving destination, which means there are jobs available that revolve around water sports. You can also look for jobs on the island in private home rentals, resorts, hotels, bars, and restaurants.

Tour companies offer good jobs and don’t forget the popular boat tour jobs which can be found in Roatan. In case you want to work outdoors, maybe you can become a diving professional like an instructor or a dive master. Above-water jobs include dune buggies, ziplining, kite surfing, and paddleboarding.

Real Estate Jobs in Roatan

There are many people purchasing vacation homes in Roatan, as well as short and long-term renters who are visiting the island in high season. People who have experience with the real estate industry can explore options for real estate jobs in Roatan. From managing private rental homes and resorts to selling real estate.

Scuba Diving Jobs in Roatan

Scuba diving is probably one of the most popular water activities on the island with dozens of dive shops that offer a variety of PADI Scuba diving courses. The instructors who work in these shops can be from countries from all over the world. They usually work 5 to 6 days a week and are in charge of accompanying scuba divers on various sites and teaching scuba diving courses.

In order to get qualified, you will need to complete a couple of courses including the PADI open water course and the PADI advanced open water course. The next step is spending at least 3 months as a dive master on an internship. Once you’ve completed all these steps, you can start working as a certified scuba diving instructor in Roatan. Keep in mind that the whole process lasts about 5 months.

**Important Note: It is required that you obtain residence or set up a legal business to work legally in Honduras. This should be organised before you arrive in Roatan looking for work.

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