Aerial Views

From the air you can really appreciate the beauty of Roatan, rolling jungle covered hills, blue ocean and offshore reef.


Roatan is home to some of the best beaches in Caribbean, white say, clear blue water, barrier reef, coconut trees and more.

Cayos Cochinos

A visit to Cayos Cochinos is amazing experience as you visit these isolated islands off the coast of Roatan.


Roatan has hundreds of cruiseship visits every year, the island's beaches, shopping and activities are favorite's for cruiseship visitors.


Roatan has some of the best diving in the whole Caribbean, come discover the wonders of the underwater world in Roatan.

East End

The East End of Roatan is home to wide open spaces, local communities and a natural charm which is hard to find anywhere in the world.


Roatan is a great place to live and offers amazing property and business investments.

Mainland Honduras

The mainland of Honduras is home to the world famous Mayan Ruins of Copan, step back into Mayan history with a visit to the ruins.


Roatan is home to a wide variety of amazing nature and wildlife.


Guanaja is located to the east of Roatan and is an interesting side trip while visiting Roatan.


The people of Roatan are one of its biggest assets, come let the local residents show you their island home.


Roatan is home to a wide variety of accommodations, from local hotels and resorts, vacation homes to budget style hostels.


Roatan is home to a wide variety of quality local and international restaurants, enjoy beach front dining at its best.

Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay is a residential community which runs along the north shore of Roatan, the area is also home to resorts, activities and restaurants.


There are lots of shopping options in Roatan for touristic souvenirs or for local products and handicrafts. You will also wide supermarkets for all your holiday needs.


Every visitor to Roatan leaves with memories of amazing evenings watching the sunset over the Caribbean Sea.


There are many ways to travel to Roatan, by cruiseship, international flights and the ferry.


Utila is located to the West of Roatan and is a smaller island with one main township and a funky character and charm.

West Bay Beach

West Bay Beach is the tourism center of Roatan and is regarded as one of the best beaches in the whole Caribbean.

West End

West End is a funky tourism town consisting of hotels, dive shops, restaurants and bars which is located on Half Moon Bay in Roatan.