Roatan Real Estate 2018

Thanks to its spectacular white-sand beaches with crystal clear waters and tropical climate, Roatan has become one of the top holiday destinations in the Caribbean over the last couple of years. The real estate market is luckily still a buyers’ market with many homes for sale available on the island. The good news is that the market is still growing and there are definitely improvements in the sales.

Roatan offers an abundance of properties for sale that come in different sizes, types, prices, and locations. It basically all depends on what you are after. Some people are looking to purchase a vacation house where they can spend a couple of months with their families, while other buyers are thinking about buying a house which they will rent and make money out of it. There are also folks who are close to retirement and wish to settle down on the island. All of these groups have something in common. They all wish to purchase a property in Roatan.

The Real Estate Market in Roatan

There is no better time to get involved in the Roatan real estate market. The island is definitely becoming the next big thing in the Caribbean and thanks to the cruise ships, there have been many tourists visiting Roatan in both 2016 and 2017. Because of this, the real estate market in Roatan has been on the rise recently and the prices for real estate are bound to jump up. For now, the real estate prices in Roatan are still affordable and there are numerous beachfront properties available for sale at fair prices. What’s great about this island is that there is still only minor development going on for now. You won’t find any 5-star hotel chains that have their own private beaches. Well, at least not yet. What I am trying to say is that Roatan is still a hidden gem in some ways, but that’s probably going to last only for a few more years. The time is definitely right to make an investment and purchase a property, simply because the value of houses and land will increase with time.

Types of Homes for Sale in Roatan

When it comes to real estate in Roatan, there is plenty to choose from. You will find many homes and condominiums on the market, as well as villas and single-family houses. Keep in mind that beachfront properties are in high demand, but are still reasonably priced. However, you should act fast since the prices for these beachfront homes will surely rise.

2018 is a great time to consider investing and purchasing a home in Roatan. If you wish to retire on the island or wish to buy a house and spend a couple of months during the high season here, the time to start planning is now. Roatan is becoming more and more popular and things in the real estate market may change in a heartbeat.

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