Roatan Real Estate For Sale

If you’ve been paying attention, then you know that you will not find a better time to get into the Roatan real estate market. After a booming year of international press highlighting Roatan as the next big destination, this island is poised for an explosion in tourism…and with that comes a boom in the local real estate as well.

While the recession hit the real estate market years ago, the steady recovery in the following years granted Roatan the time it needed to continuously add new inventory while never oversaturating the market. By 2015, we saw a great combination of a buyer’s and seller’s markets with more construction helping the market to keep moving forward.

Now, in 2016, the Roatan real estate market is ready to take a leap forward. And once that leap happens, you’ll see prices jump – it’s inevitable. That’s why now is the best chance you’ll have at finding the prime beachfront or ocean-view real estate you’ve always dreamed of owning.

Why delay your dreams? If you have been thinking about owning a vacation home in paradise, or if you’re ready for a more affordable retirement with a fun, active lifestyle, 2016 is the year to buy real estate in Roatan.

This is the year to make your dreams come true. There is no reason to wait. Who knows what could happen a year from now, but what we do know is that real estate prices in Roatan are still affordable…for now. We know that beachfront homes are available and ocean-view villas along our stunning, lush hilly terrain are waiting to be snatched up.

Roatan isn’t over-developed and there is still an enormous amount of land available. But that’s also one of the best qualities of this island. There aren’t high-rise hotel chains blocking the beach and there are no sprawling resort compounds walled off to keep locals out.

This island is still a true Caribbean gem, complete with jungle-covered hills and vast tracts of oceanfront property still wild and natural. So, sure, you could say that this real estate market still has years worth of growth to come – and you’d be right. But we’re all aiming to keep that growth slow and steady so we don’t overrun our resources and we never destroy the beauty of this tropical paradise.

That’s why 2016 is your best bet for getting into the Roatan real estate market at the lowest prices, before the large inventory that has been built up during the economic recovery disappears and you end up paying top dollar for land later down the line.

Roatan real estate is an excellent investment, with seller after seller boasting of good returns. Of course, there are plenty of buyers who don’t plan on selling anytime soon either…after all, who wants to leave a tropical island paradise once paradise has been found?

We look forward to seeing you in paradise!

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