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Roatan Sailing

Roatan, the place of white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and a large coral reef full of diverse species and plants! For all those sea lovers, Roatan has something to offer you all. Offering world-class marina, to hire a yacht or a private cruise, whether you want to experience sailing lessons you can do it all and much more!

Sailing in Roatan is a true oasis for boaters. The trips give you a different taste of life; captain and crew, Internet, electricity, bathrooms, water inside and out; a great experience for an adventurous family, romantic couples or simply alone time. It is also the perfect opportunity to really enjoy, up close, a beautiful sunset and snorkel or dive in remote areas of the island.

Sailing trips sail from different point of the island. West end is a popular place of departure for sailboats. The areas visited in these trips are beautiful and you have the opportunity to take hands on the sailboat you travel in!

If you opt for a more adrenaline feeling, Dixon Cove is the place to go where you find yourselves with Sunyata Charters, a top of the line luxury racing yacht. It offers a 3 day/ 2 night sailing trip to the small islands of Cayos Cochinos. Here at this marine reserve you can snorkel, dive or just swim and relax in the crystal clear water. While you sail and visit around and between the Cayos Cochinos islands, you encounter Garifuna villages, great hiking trails an absolute exploring adventure!

If you’re the type of person who enjoys un- crowded areas, the east end of the island is the place for you! The east end is the less traveled part of the island where you enjoy quiet settings, private beaches and a less crowded experience. A sailing trip comes along with a wonderful setting, fishing, diving, snorkeling, and of course the beauty of the tropics!

So, whether you are interested in an exciting trip, a more relaxed setting or you want to learn how to sail, it is all in one place, Roatan! All these options and much more offer great experiences that will leave you wanting more. Memorable times are not easy to live more than once, but in this special exception you can come back anytime and as many times you want! Experiencing it yourself or bring loved ones along, however you decide to do it, there is no question you will love it!

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