Roatan Shopping

There is no shortage of shopping options here on Roatan Island. Whether you are looking for unique souvenirs and gifts for your family and friends back home or you wish to visit a commercial shopping center to purchase clothing, Roatan has got you covered. From the markets in Coxen Hole and cute souvenir shops along West Bay Beach to the Mega Plaza Mall in French Harbor, you will find a wide range of shopping options on the island. The great thing about Roatan is that you can find both local and imported products here. They sell local crafts and fresh homemade foods, but also import everything that is needed for vacationers who are visiting Roatan during the summer season.

Coxen Hole Shopping
There are plenty of shopping opportunities for vacationers in Coxen Hole. Many shops can be found that sell Honduran crafts like Garifuna art, lenca pottery, and different kinds of straw baskets. If you wish to get fresh fish, look along the main street for street vendors or head to one of the many seafood stores.

Shopping in West End
Expect to find a number of shops in West End, most of them are small stores that sell souvenirs and gifts. For cool paintings, crafts made by artists from Honduras, and jewelry, make sure to visit the awesome Waves of Art Gallery which is situated in a bright yellow house. West End is also home to the Marine Park Office of Roatan that sells dive maps and offers information on how to save the natural sites and the reef in the Bay Islands.

French Harbor Shopping
French Harbor houses the largest shopping center on the island called Mega Plaza. This place has it all. From dozens of clothing stores and ladies shops where you can find accessories and purses to jewelry stores and barber stores, there is something for every at this shopping mall. Four local banks have their branches here, making it convenient for travelers who are looking for banking services. Claro and Tigo, both of the Roatan cell phone companies are also situated in the building where they sell sim cards and offer various services. Vacationers will be happy to hear the Mega Plaza in the French Harbor is home to numerous restaurants also. If you need to buy appliances like computers, TV’s, or furniture, there is a large department store here called Lady Lee.

Shop with Wild Roatan and support local conservation projects!
Wild Roatan has developed a range of products to fund local conservation and education projects. The Wild Roatan products range from clothing, t-shirts, hats, bags to natural products like soap, beauty and skin care products made right here in Roatan. Buy Roatan souvenirs, t-shirts and clothing with Wild Roatan.

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