Roatan Social Media

When you plan your visit to Roatan, we know just how excited you are for your upcoming vacation in paradise. Until you get your own toes in the sand, you might want to start following some great Roatan social media channels for trip inspiration.

You can take a look at vacation rental houses and hotel rooms, tour guides and fun activities, underwater views and tropical drinks galore. If you’re already on Facebook and Instagram, you can easily start to plan your visit by checking out our suggestions below.

While there are countless options available – your accommodation, activities, restaurants, bars, musicians will all have accounts – here are a few more generalized options for all things Roatan.

Roatan News Network on Facebook

The most all-encompassing option on Facebook is to follow the Roatan News Network. Here, you’ll find information on activities and tours, on hotels and vacation rentals, on insider tips and advice, and generally fantastic photos and videos to make you feel like you’re already on the beach. Like the page to stay updated and browse through all the amazing Roatan information provided.

Roatan Travel Network Videos

As you plan your trip to Roatan, you absolutely have to check out the Roatan Travel Network for the most incredible array of Roatan videos. You’ll find some of the most astounding island views and vistas through these visuals…go ahead and indulge until you can be here in person to see it all for yourself!

Roatan Facebook Groups

There are multiple Facebook groups for the Roatan community to share information and to ask questions. You’ll find lots of insights and personal insights in these groups, so it’s well worth joining if you’re planning to move to Roatan as an expat. *Tourists, see note below.

There are a few in particular you should take a look at, especially Roatan Garage Sale, Positively Roatan, Ask Anything Roatan, Expats Living in Roatan, and Roatan Community. These groups help new expats connect with the community and to adjust to a new life on the island.

Another great option for potential and new expats is to follow the many real estate agents and agencies on Facebook and Instagram, offering you even more inspiration for where to live and the variety of housing options you can take advantage of when you move to Roatan.

*If you’re only coming to Roatan as a tourist, these aren’t really groups for you since they’re more day-to-day life conversations. Tourists will find ample information through the Roatan News Network and Roatan Travel Network videos.

Roatan on Other Social Media Platforms

If you’re staring out your office window, just counting down the days until your arrival in paradise, you definitely want to take a look at Instagram. You’ll get to see what it’s like on the island from multiple perspectives, since both residents and tourists will post there regularly.

If you simply search for #Roatan, you’ll find photos filled with stunning sunsets and sprawling ocean vistas, rolling green hills and intriguing tropical creatures, plus tons of smiling faces everywhere. It’s enough to get you super excited for a visit to Caribbean paradise!

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