Roatan Souvenirs

Roatan Souvenirs

The best way to remember a memorable vacation is bringing home souvenirs and memorabilia. Fortunately, Roatan has abundant shopping options that won’t break your budget. There are a number of things, from food items, snacks and drinks to unique art, there’s a lot that you can find from local shops and venders. Here’s your guide to shopping responsibly in the lovely tropical island of Roatan.

Food Items and Snacks

Honduran is a vibrant and multicultural country, and you will find a blend of traditions and customs that is depicted in their artwork, languages and food. Honduran coffee is a unique blend that will get you hooked once you try it. You can purchase small coffee bags from local grocery stores or café and gift it to the caffeine junkies in your life. Other popular gift items that most tourists take from Roatan include delicious assortments of Honduras chocolates, other sweet treats and cigars.

Take one day out of your beach fun to visit the Roatan Chocolate Factory. It’s located at both cruise ports and West End. The Honduras cigars can also be purchased from Mahogany Bay and Roatan port. You will find many vendors rolling fresh cigars on the spot that can be purchased in bulk if you want to take it along. Another sweet treat to take with you from Roatan is locally made honey.

Artwork and Handicrafts

The talented local artists of Roatan are known for their beautiful art pieces that are made from recycled materials including glass, wood, metal and plastic. These cool and trendy handicrafts and artwork make for a great display and encapsulate the essence of the island within it. It also a responsible way to spend money and promote recycling and eco-friendliness.

Shell jewelry is very famous in Roatan. Most of these shops are conveniently located right by the beach. They are custom made and have unique designs made with shells and freshwater pearls. You can also get canvases and paintings of the island that represent the breathtaking landscapes, oceans and flora and fauna of Roatan.

Another unique item found in Roatan is the Seashell cameos found in the cameo factory. It is located a few minutes from the dock houses and the items they stock are truly remarkable. The seashells are carved into fascinating pieces of cameos that you can purchase at an affordable price. Also, there are custom t-shirts, mugs and other items at local dive shops.

Batana Oil

A popular and unique item available in Roatan is Batana Oil, known locally as “Miracle Oil”. Batana Oil can be made into Hair Oils, Hair Creams, and Skin Care Soaps and sold in its raw oil form. Produced on the Mosquito Coast of Honduras, Batana is a popular product locally and can be a great gift when visiting Roatan. To learn more or to purchase Batana Oil we recommend visiting Wild Roatan in Alba Plaza in Gibson Bight, you can also contact them online to order Batana Oil. They also sell internationally and orders can be placed through their Australian site at Batana Oil for Hair.

Support Local Environment

Shop responsibly and support the local environment and shops of Roatan. There are certain shops that use turtle shells, conch shells, seahorses and precious corals, and their sale can cause damage and depletion of the natural environment of Roatan. Make sure that you don’t support such industries and preserve the beauty and splendor of the bay islands. There are many ecofriendly stores that sell unique and one of a kind items that makes for excellent gifts and souvenirs.

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