Roatan Sports

Whether you’re coming to Roatan on vacation or to move to Roatan permanently, you’ll be pleased to know that sports culture is alive and well on the island! And we don’t just mean watching it on TV at the bar…although you can do that, too. We mean getting out there and getting active on the field, underwater, in the sand, and even in the mud. Here are several options for Roatan sports that you might enjoy.

Play Sports in Roatan

If you’re interested in joining a team when you move to Roatan, you’re in luck. There are plenty of options to play sports in Roatan, including soccer, football, baseball, rugby, and softball. Some teams are competitive, while others are really just for fun.

You can join a league to raise money, like the co-ed softball league in West End for the SOL Foundation. Or play on a rugby team in occasional weekend tournaments.

Soccer leagues are everywhere, or just grab a ball and start a game of pick-up on the beach or any of the many local fields. There’s also an extensive little league baseball system that leads all the way up through adult teams on the island – get involved coaching or playing as you’d prefer!

Challenge Your Limits in Roatan

Not into traditional sports? How about challenging your limits to reach new depths underwater. Freediving in Roatan is incredibly popular, as the island boasts one of the best locations for freediving around the world.

The annual Freediving Cup brings elite athletes to West Bay for a week of competition. Throughout the rest of the year, you’ll also see local residents and tourists heading out to the depths without scuba tanks. Take a course to learn the techniques and then challenge yourself to reach new depths.

Extreme Roatan Mud Run and Obstacle Course

Maybe you prefer to get dirty and hit the hills! Check out the mud run and obstacle course designed for Extreme Roatan. This biannual event attracts family fun up to fierce competition as everyone takes to the jungle trails.

Run up and down Roatan’s famous hills, climb and crawl your way through obstacles, and see how muddy you get by the end of the race. Plan your visit around one of these major events, or contact them directly to book a private event.

Hit the Beach…Volleyball

Beach volleyball is popular on any strip of sand around the world. But in Roatan, it takes on new meaning. The island has boasted homegrown Honduran national players and often hosts tournaments for elite athletes. Go to watch, and then grab a ball to practice what you’ve learned.

To keep up with all the major sporting events in Roatan, be sure to Like and follow Roatan Sports on Facebook. If you’re visiting Roatan, plan your trip around one of our popular sporting events. If you’re moving here, you’ll have tons of options to stay fit and to have fun.

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