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Roatan Supermarkets

Enjoying those plantain chips from the local “pulperia”? Maybe if you take a drive to town, you can stop at Eldon’s Sun Grocery Store and buy a Ginger Ale to accompany your chips! Dessert would be nice too, huh? You can get it there too!

In Roatan we find a variety of grocery stores, ranging from the most basic pulperias to great grocery shopping centers that are well supplied on US products. This is great for local islanders and also tourists; we have the opportunity to enjoy both Honduran and American products, it’s best of both worlds!

Pulperias are small, local stores found almost everywhere on the island. They are packed with cold drinks, our famous plantain and banana chips, and sweet treats like chocolates and cookies.

Tired of walking around a neighborhood or the beach? Take a break, have a drink at the closest pulperia, as small, and “shack” looking as they may be, they come to great use on those days of long walks and exploring the island!

Eldon’s Sun Grocery Store, Plaza Mar and Hiper Mega are the largest and most notable grocery stores on the island, all well supplied with a variety of options, all accommodating your taste and budget.

Their locations are spread around the island making them accessible for most of the island’s population. Plaza Mar is located in Coxen Hole near the airport, and just below it is the new Eldon’s Sun Grocery. In French Harbour we find ourselves with Hiper Mega located at Mall Mega Plaza and 3-4 minutes away, near the main entrance of French Harbour, is located Eldon’s Sun Grocery Store where you can encounter the best grocery shopping experience the island offers.

Mangiamo in West Bay Ball is the only Market in this area. If you are searching for a place that offers the freshest products from all over the world, this is the place to go! If you crave French cheese or care for South American wine, Mangiamo offers this and much more! Whether your spending a day at the beach or just passing by, this is a place worth stopping for.

And for those days when you don’t feel up for driving to Coxen Hole, French Harbour, maybe your not at the beach or the pulperias don’t have just what you’re looking for; there are smaller grocery stores like Woody’s in West End and H.B. Warren in town. The local residents of Coxen Hole, when in search of a lower price turn to the “Mercado” or Market. You can find all sorts of stuff here for a cheap price. Meats, jewelry, veggies, clothes are just a few things to mention; you would be surprised of all the Mercado has to offer!

Roatan doesn’t produce many locally grown items. Coconuts, avocados, breadfruit, mangos, grapefruit and oranges are readily available when they are in season. Other than those items, there is the great lettuce from the Blue Harbour Plantation hydroponic garden near Sandy Bay.

If you ever come across what seems to be a couple of men in pick up trucks yelling off the top of their lungs “yuca! Platanos! Chile Cabro! Maricos!” don’t be surprised, they are vegetable or fish vendors. They cruise around in the residential areas. Most of their product is shipped in from the mainland and sold here.

So, whether you are looking to do a big grocery shop or just craving chips, Roatan has it all, from modern grocery stores to fish vendors in the street. An island full of products ready to be enjoyed!

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