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Roatan Top 5: Places for Kids

Kids rule the world – we all know this! The popular vacation rental website,, conducted a survey of U.S. kids showing that 60% seek new adventures while on vacation and 63% of U.S. kids want to do things they wouldn’t be able to do at home. Well, kids, tell your parents that Roatan is the place for you! There are so many options for great activities to do with the whole family in Roatan, from ocean-based fun to landside adventures.

If you’re looking for inspiration, here are our top five activities for kids on Roatan.

Gumbalimba Park: Gumbalimba Park is popular with kids (and adults!) of all ages! With its own stretch of beach, kayaks for rent, an on-site restaurant, plus the animal park and zipline canopy tour, you can keep the whole family busy for hours on end. The zipline has age restrictions, but even the youngest Roatan visitors can enjoy a visit with the resident iguanas, parrots, and monkeys. Kids will love feeding the monkeys little snacks provided by park staff. Photo opportunities abound, so be sure to bring your camera, but hold onto it tightly when the monkeys are hanging around!

Blue Harbor Tropical Arboretum: Every kid loves to play in the mud! Not only does Blue Harbor Tropical Arboretum offer beautiful grounds to walk around to learn about the nut and fruit trees in this island paradise, there are also hiking trails and even a mud run obstacle course! The whole family can race through the jungle, climbing over obstacles and through mud pits to reach the finish line. Bring a change of clothes. Trust us – you’ll need it!

Anthony’s Key Dolphin Encounters: Anthony’s Key Resort (AKR) houses the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences (RIMS), which cares for the resort’s resident dolphins. Bring the whole family to learn about these amazing creatures from the expert staff; watch the dolphins perform tricks and take photos with your new marine friends. For older kids, the dolphin snorkel is an experience to remember – and AKR also hosts multiple weeklong summer camps offering lots of dolphin training and education in a fun environment. The kids have activities planned all day, which leaves all day open for parents to go off and have fun!

West Bay Beach: This stretch of beach offers so much entertainment for the whole family that you could spend a week here and not even have to leave! Snorkel from shore to see some of the world’s most stunning coral reef with lots of vibrant fish life. Take advantage of the multitude of activities available: kayaking, paddleboarding, FlyBoard, parasailing, fishing, SCUBA diving, jet ski rentals, and more! With multiple hotels and resorts directly on the beach, there are plenty of options for restaurants, bars, lounge chairs, and umbrellas, depending upon where you’re staying. The kids can have free reign on this beach!

Sherman Arch’s Iguana Farm: If you’re looking for a unique Roatan experience, Sherman Arch’s Iguana Farm is not to be missed! Located in French Key, the iguana farm houses and protects hundreds of the island’s indigenous iguanas. Staff will provide you with banana leaves to feed them, so let the kids marvel at these Jurassic-looking creatures while they climb all over each other and up into the trees overhead. You can even pet them – they enjoy it! Don’t forget the camera for this adventure.

There are so many opportunities for kids of all ages to have fun in Roatan. Make sure you let the kids decide where to vacation this year.

They’ll pick a cool place with lots to do that won’t bust the budget, and still offers adults the vacation of a lifetime: the Caribbean island of Roatan.

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