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Roatan Top 5 Water Activities

When the tropical heat on the island of Roatan gets to be too much, there’s such an easy solution right in front of you: hop into that beautiful turquoise Caribbean Sea and relax.

They say life is better with a little Vitamin Sea, so here are our top five picks for water activities do to in Roatan to cool off and have some fun.

SCUBA Dive: Roatan is internationally known as one of the best destinations for SCUBA diving. Whether you’ve been diving for years or you’ve never taken a breath underwater, Roatan is the ideal location for all levels of divers. Courses and training for new divers are available at every dive shop on the island, while the variety of conveniently close dive sites allows the more experienced diver to explore and experience all that Roatan’s Mesoamerican Barrier Reef has to offer. Roatan has no better underwater activity than SCUBA diving!

Snorkel: The proximity of the barrier reef to shore around Roatan allows for easy and convenient snorkeling at your leisure. Simply get your snorkel gear on and swim out only a few minutes before seeing some of the most stunning coral reef this world has to offer. Vibrantly colored fish will entertain you for hours, so make sure you’re protected from the sun! A rash guard is the best solution so you protect your skin without contaminating the water with chemicals. Additionally, be sure to follow any signs posted underwater or buoys along the surface so you don’t run into shallow areas. And remember: never, ever touch any of the coral or fish life! Help us to protect our beautiful natural treasure.

Paddleboard: Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is one of the fastest growing sports right now – and it’s easy to see why! Paddleboarding allows you the fantastic opportunity to get out onto the water for some beautiful views and relaxation while also getting a bit of a workout. You’ll see lots of paddleboarding around Roatan because of the perfectly calm water that allows for crystal-clear views of the colorful reef below.

Dolphin Encounter: Anthony’s Key Resort in Sandy Bay offers the unique opportunity to swim with dolphins. You can learn about these amazing creatures plus have the opportunity to snorkel with them in the dolphin pen. The dolphin encounter is strictly a learning session where you’ll be up-close-and-personal with a dolphin and the trainer. If you opt to also add the snorkeling, you’ll have a chance to swim around with these incredibly playful and friendly animals. And, yes, you’ll want to buy the photo package.

Sail: Nothing beats a beautiful ocean breeze blowing through your hair as you sail along the stunning coastline of Roatan. While you’re not technically in the water if you’re sailing, you can still enjoy cooling off in the ocean air – or even jumping in for a quick dip in the ocean if the sun gets to be too strong. Many sailing charters offer snorkeling options anyway, so if you’re headed out during the day you’ll likely get to enjoy a combination of ocean breezes and a refreshing ocean swim.

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