Roatan Weather Averages

As it is expected from a Caribbean island, Roatan boasts a tropical climate with plenty of sunshine throughout the year. The good news is that temperatures only vary by 8 degrees on average, which means that from a temperature perspective there is no bad time to visit Roatan.

High Season in Roatan

High season is a certain time of year when the number of tourists in Roatan peaks. Thanks to its tropical location in the Caribbean, Roatan attracts visitors during the winter months. People from Canada and USA are looking to replace the snow with sunshine and Roatan is an ideal destination for this. You also have the holidays during the winter season, which make it easier to leave for longer periods and visit Roatan. The high season in Roatan is between the American Thanksgiving and Easter. Keep in mind that during this time of year, the hotels get busier and it’s important to book a flight to Roatan in advance. Vacationers who are planning to come to Roatan during the high season should definitely book their must-do activities beforehand and reserve their accommodation at least 2 months before the trip.

Low Season in Roatan

The low season in Roatan sees the fewest number of tourists. This is usually in late September and October, as well as throughout the summer months where there are fewer tourists in most parts of the Caribbean. However, Roatan has been welcoming a fair number of vacationers on cruise ships during the summer season in the last couple of years, which means that the difference between the low and high season is not that dramatic any longer. Visiting Roatan during low season has its many advantages. The rates for flights and accommodation are cheaper than in high season, there are fewer tourists around, and you don’t need to book the popular activities in advance.


The great thing about Roatan and Honduras in general is that you don’t have to worry about hurricanes here. Thanks for its location and the fact that it is protected by barrier reefs, Roatan rarely encounters serious hurricanes.

The Best Time for a Roatan Vacation

If you are planning to visit Roatan and wish to avoid large crowds of tourists and skip the rainy season, the best time to come here is in May or September. Travelers who are uncertain and have trouble deciding whether to pack your bags and fly to Roatan in May or September, here are a couple of tips. During the month of May, the weather is amazing and the rates are lower than in the high season. Expect plenty of sunshine in September and even lower rates than in May. The only downside is that there is a chance of a few rainy days in September. October and November offer the best deals on accommodation, activities, and flights, but the chance of rain is higher than in May and June.

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