Sandy Bay Roatan Hotels & Resorts

Sandy Bay is a long stretch of northern shore between Coxen Hole and West End. This area boasts tons of fun tourist activities, an array of accommodation options, and a true sense of the island community here in Roatan. Sandy Bay is one of Roatan’s most beloved areas.

Sandy Bay is a popular residential area for both locals and expats, so tourists aren’t separated from island life as they may feel at other island resorts. In Sandy Bay, you can find plenty of hotels and vacation rental opportunities.

Sandy Bay Roatan Hotels

If you’re looking for lots of big resorts, Sandy Bay isn’t the place for you. The hotels here are more typically small resorts, with the notable exception of Anthony’s Key Resort.

Anthony’s Key Resort, locally referred to as AKR, is the island’s oldest resort and still one of its most popular. Even if you don’t choose to stay at AKR, you’ll likely visit there during a vacation to Roatan. They host the famous dolphins that you can swim, snorkel, or dive with during a visit to the resort.

There is also a medical clinic on-site at AKR, where the island’s only hyperbaric chamber is located for any scuba diving accidents.

Small Resorts in Sandy Bay Roatan

The majority of hotels in Sandy Bay are small resorts or bed-and-breakfasts. You’ll find multiple along the beach on the side of Sandy Bay closer to West End, offering a variety of accommodation from luxury to basic.

Each of these small resorts boasts an on-site restaurant and bar. In fact, many of these small resort restaurants are some of Roatan’s most popular!

If you stay at one of these smaller resorts in Sandy Bay, you’ll likely have a dock and beach area to enjoy, snorkel opportunities out your front door, and lush tropical jungle surrounding your accommodations. It’s a beautiful area of the island to enjoy.

Vacation Rentals in Sandy Bay Roatan

There are also ample vacation rentals throughout Sandy Bay, ranging from basic cabins on the beach to high-end luxury villas. You’ll find a variety of luxury condos and homes in Lawson Rock, a community within Sandy Bay only a few minutes from Coxen Hole.

Throughout the rest of Sandy Bay heading toward West End, there are homes available for all budgets and needs. Just be sure to ask the property manager about the need for a vehicle as some homes are well off the main road and aren’t easily accessible for public transportation.

What to Do in Sandy Bay Roatan

Activities abound in Sandy Bay. You’ll find not only the dolphin activities at AKR, but also plenty of other fun things to do in the area. Sandy Bay boasts botanical gardens, zipline canopy tours, several dive shops, and many other water sports based out of all the accommodations in the area.

If you stay in Sandy Bay but want to explore more of Roatan, you might want to rent a car throughout your stay. The area isn’t really for pedestrians, with the exception of what you can access along the beach. The main road has no sidewalk and is very narrow, so it’s not recommended for walking.

Alternatively, you can always take taxis or buses along the main road running through Sandy Bay to access other areas of the island. The buses run between West End and Coxen Hole throughout daylight hours and can be waved down at any point along the road.

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