Shopping in Roatan

With a variety of grocery stores, food delivery services, and quality products that are available for online purchase, shopping in Roatan has never been easier. Although the island doesn’t produce many locally grown items, the selection of food on the island is excellent. From high-quality meats to exotic foods like mangos, avocados, coconuts, and grapefruit, there is plenty to choose from. Many imported quality food products are also available, which means that travelers can enjoy both US and local food delicacies.

Where to go shopping in Roatan?

Whether you wish to purchase your food online, order delivery to your front door, or simply go to a grocery store to buy food. On the island, you will find a variety of grocery stores including everything from giant shopping centers that offer both local and international products to the more basic and smaller shops called Pulperias. These small local stores sell plenty of sweet treats including cookies and chocolate, as well as a variety of cold drinks and the popular banana chips.

If you wish to order food online, companies like Roatan Provision Company can do all the shopping for groceries for you and have it delivered to your home.  Whether you are looking for seafood and cold cuts or you wish to order a variety of cold cuts, snacks, fruits, and veggies, these online grocery stores are packed with many grocery products. 

Foods to Try in Roatan

The local people in Honduras are very enthusiastic about fast food, so it comes as no surprise that many US food chains can be found across the country’s major cities. Most of the local dishes consist of meat, but there are also many vegetarian options available that include foods like rice, veggies, and beans. To help you decide what foods to try while visiting Roatan, here is a list of some of the must-try dishes and local food specialties on the island. 


One of the most famous foods in Honduras, Beleadas is similar to a taco. It consists of a homemade tortilla that gets heated up and filled with cream, beans, cheese, and other fillings that you choose. Eggs and avocado are a popular Baleada option, as well as steak and chicken versions of the dish.

Banana Donuts

In Roatan, everyone knows the Banana Donut Guy. He sells popular banana donuts out of a big moving container. The banana donuts he sells are extremely delicious and reasonably priced. You can even buy a t-shirt with his face on it, as a souvenir to take back home.

Plato Tipico

Plato Tipico is one of the most popular national dishes in Honduras. It’s basically a plate filled with foods like beans, beef, sour cream, fried plantain, and marinated cabbage served all together. Plenty of tortillas are always included on the side.

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