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Snorkeling In Roatan

Snorkeling is one of the most popular activities for travelers who vacation on Roatan. The clear and calm waters help to make it an ideal place to learn more about snorkeling, and it is a perfect place for beginners and experienced snorkelers to explore. It is a great way to explore the underwater world all around Roatan without needing to learn to dive. It’s easy enough for nearly anyone to learn how to do properly.

How to Snorkel for Beginners

First, you need to have the right equipment. You may have brought some of your gear with you, or you might have bought some or rented some from an operator on the island. The basic items you need include the mask and the snorkel, naturally. It is also a good idea to have some fins. They can help to propel you through the water far more easily than your bare feet alone could hope to do. Once you have the right equipment, you should practice using it.

Some people might not be right for snorkeling. They could feel panic when they start to go underwater and try to breathe through the snorkel. It can take some time to grow accustomed to the feeling of “breathing” underwater. The best thing to do is practice wearing the mask and snorkel out of water first. Breathe through the snorkel until you get accustomed to it. Then get into a pool and practice in the pool. This really is the best way to get used to the feeling of wearing all of the gear while in actual water. It is safer and gives you plenty of time to acclimate.

As you start to feel more comfortable with the gear, you can head out to some of the best dive locations in Roatan for newbie snorkelers. Before you get into the water though, learn about the location you will be snorkeling. Learn about the marine life you will encounter, the depth of the water, and more. Greater knowledge will increase your levels of safety and enjoyment.

Some Quick Snorkeling Tips

Here are some quick tips for new and veteran snorkelers alike. Keep these in mind whenever you plan to get into the water.

Never go snorkeling alone – try to have at least one or two other people with you.
Check your equipment before you get into the water each time you go snorkeling. The last thing you need is a broken strap on your mask or a hole in your snorkel.
Check the weather so you know what type of conditions to expect when you are going snorkeling.
Be alert and know what is happening in your surroundings at all times
Don’t touch the marine life. As beautiful as some of the fish, turtles, and other creatures might be, it is dangerous for them and for you to touch them.

Best Places to Snorkel

Those who are just starting out snorkeling will find some great options for snorkeling around Roatan. Two of the most popular places to go and snorkel from the shore include Half Moon Bay and West Bay Beach. Those who have been snorkeling for a while may want more of a challenge. They can try Sandy Bay as well as a boat trip to snorkel further from shore.

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