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Spend time in Cayos Cochinos

Traveling to Central America is always great fun, and there are so many wonderful places to visit, you will never grow tired with all there is to see and do. One of the most beautiful and interesting places to spend some time is Cayos Cochinos, also called Cochinos Cays. They are a group of islands located only a short distance off the coast of Honduras. The islands are a part of the Bay Islands, even though they are not located in the same exact geographic location. Cayos Cochinos is a part of Roatan municipality, but they are are actually extremely small compared to the larger island

How Many People Live on the Islands?

To say the population of Cayos Cochinos was small would be an understatement. The 2001 census claimed the population was a whopping 108 people. With so few people, it means this is a true wilderness paradise and the islands could be just the type of place you want to visit. They have some of the most pristine waters on the planet, and they are a Marine Protected Area. The Honduran Coral Reef Foundation manages the islands. The coral reef right off the islands is actually part of the Mesoamerican Coral Reef, the second largest coral reef in the world. The only one larger is the Great Barrier Reef. The preservation that goes on in the area helps to keep this reef and the marine life in the area healthy.

What Makes the Islands Popular for Visitors?

Why would you want to spend your time on this island? What is it that makes it worthy of your time? The aforementioned pristine quality of the area is very appealing, and it is a perfect place to go when you want to avoid the touristy areas and urban centers bustling with people. When you get to the islands though, you will find it’s not easy to get around. There are no cars or bikes on these islands since they don’t have any roads. To get from place to place, you will be hiking.

They have some great hiking trails that crisscross the island. You can hike to a lighthouse on the highest point of the island. Explore the jungles and watch the native wildlife. You can visit some of the small fishing villages, and even take part in a dive tour so you can experience the clear, amazing waters and the reef. Charter companies and operators can take you out to the islands and help you find exactly what you want to do while you are there.

Enjoy a Slice of Paradise on Cayos Cochinos.

Spending at least a part of your vacation on the islands can be a great treat for those who love peace and quiet. The islands have just one resort, so you can be sure the area is not overrun with tourists. Anyone who wants to get out and experience the sheer beauty that islands in the Caribbean can offer, this is surely the best place to do it. It’s an experience you will love and will not soon forget.

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