Summertime in the Caribbean

Ahhh, summertime. It’s the best time of year with long days filled with endless sunshine, warmth, and pure relaxation. Summertime in the Caribbean is absolutely picture-perfect. Everything that makes you think of summertime fun is what you’ll find in abundance in Roatan. Here are our favorite things about summertime in Roatan, the Gem of the Caribbean.

Summertime Fun in Roatan

Life in the Caribbean is all about the fun times. We like to kick back and enjoy ourselves on a regular basis – after all, we live where you vacation. Come join us for summertime fun as we dance in our bare feet on the white powder sands, listening to live music and marveling at the stars overhead.

We know that happy hour in Roatan isn’t just the hour after you leave the office. No, happy hour in the Caribbean is meant to be enjoyed all day long. When it’s hot with the tropical sun making us sweat, nothing cools us off more than an ice cold local beer or a fruity tropical cocktail as we relax in the share of a palm tree.

Cooling Down in Roatan

Speaking of cooling down, there are ways to do it other than drinking. Our favorite ways to cool down in the summertime heat are obvious: get in that gorgeous Caribbean Sea!

Whether you want to scuba dive, snorkel, or just stand chest-deep as your body temperature lowers, there’s a reason our lives revolve around the water. It truly doesn’t matter what you do – visit an animal park, fly through the jungle on a zipline canopy tour, or paddleboard along the coast – you’re never far from the sea and its crystal clear, cooling beauty.

Go have fun, work up a sweat being active in the summertime heat, and then plunge into the Caribbean!

Get on a Boat in the Summer

Cruising on a boat with the wind whipping through your hair and the sun shining on your face simply screams summertime. In Roatan, we love our boating options. Take a catamaran sailing tour and go snorkeling or head out for some deep sea fishing. You can bask in the sunshine and then when it gets too hot, just jump right in! Summertime means boating season, and we love to get out on the water every day in Roatan.

Summertime in the Caribbean is the Best Time

Wherever your favorite beach is in Roatan, you’re bound to have the perfect lazy summer days as you lounge in the sand and take in the stunning Caribbean vistas. There is nothing quite like listening to the soft lapping of the sea on the sand, the tropical birds chirping overhead, and knowing that you have absolutely nothing to do today except soak in the sun.

Yes, summertime in the Caribbean is the best time. We think it’s time for you to plan your vacation to Roatan and come join us on the beach!

Start planning your Roatan Vacation.

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