Swimming with Dolphins in Roatan

Roatan is an ideal destination for swimming with dolphins and allows adventurous travelers to experience the true beauty of the local marine life. We all know that dolphins are on everyone’s top list of favorite animals. This comes as no surprise, as these lovely mammals are intelligent, friendly, and known for their playful behavior.

Travelers on vacation in Roatan will have an opportunity to interact with dolphins at the Anthony Key Resort. Did you know that a family of Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins is based just across the lagoon at Bailey’s Key? This is the ideal place to get close to dolphins and swim and snorkel together with them. You will also have a chance to dive with dolphins in the open sea and see how it feels to a part of the pod. Let’s take a look at the dolphin package options that you can choose from here in Roatan.

The Dolphin Encounter

Head out to Bailey’s Key which is the private home to a family of Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins for a unique dolphin encounter experience. You will get a brief orientation at a beach-front cabana and head out to the deep waters of the Caribbean where a professional naturalist will introduce you to the resident dolphins. This person’s assignment is to describe the characteristics of the dolphins and to give you an insight into their behavior and anatomy. Of course, you will have a 30-minute encounter with the dolphins where you will have an opportunity to play, touch, and take photographs of these beautiful mammals.

Dolphin Action Swim

The Dolphin Action Swim package starts with a brief introduction to a pair of dolphins. These two dolphins will greet you with a friendly smile on the platform and before you know it, you will be entering the water to swim with these lovely creatures. Visitors will have a chance to experience the popular “Footpush”, an activity where the dolphins push you by the feet above the water’s surface. The next part of the package includes going for a ride and holding on to the dolphin’s dorsal fins.

Dolphin Swim and Snorkel

Dolphin Swim and Snorkel includes swimming and snorkeling with the resident dolphins on their terms. This activity will allow you to see how it feels to be a part of their group in the wild and it is one of the most unforgettable experiences a person can have. The good news is that there are only a few participants, so expect to enjoy plenty of physical contact with the dolphins as they are swimming along with you. Keep in mind that cameras are not allowed during snorkeling with dolphins and participants need to have experience with snorkeling. Dolphin Swim and Snorkel lasts for one hour.

Dolphin Dive

The Dolphin Dive package begins with a Q&A session and top-side orientation to learn how dolphins dive. You will go on a 5-minute boat ride to a reef wall and descent to the sandy bottom. A couple of dolphins will join you on this adventure and interact with you. These sessions are usually limited to smaller groups and accompanied by a dolphin behaviorist and a licensed dive guide.

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