Top 5 Dive Sites

The biggest of the Bay Islands of Honduras, Roatan is home to over 150 dive sites and features a number of tour operators and dive shops. If you are looking for spectacular reefs to explore and clear waters with spectacular visibility, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of our top 5 dive sites in Roatan.

Mary’s Place

Located on the south side of Roatan and close to Brick Bay, Mary’s Place is definitely one of the most visited diving sites in the area. This amazing reef was created by volcanic activity and houses an abundant marine life. Expect to find rare black corals in 120 feet deep waters and deep crevices. Keep in mind that one dive per diver is allowed at Mary’s Place in one day.

Spooky Channel

If you are looking for something completely different, Spooky Channel is a 10-story deep crevasse that used to be an ancient waterfall. You can start the dive in the Sandy Bay Lagoon at 60 feet and explore the main chamber where you will have an opportunity to see lobsters, starfish, and other fish life. In case you were wondering why they call it the “Spooky Channel”, it is probably because of a very low level of light in deeper parts of this amazing channel. Once you get past the main chamber and head out to the higher levels, expect to see typical marine life that includes angelfish and parrotfish.

Dolphin’s Den

Dolphin’s Den site is located on the north side of the island and offers plenty of sea life including silversides and eels. Explore the underwater maze which features many tunnels that lead from one canyon to the next. The name of the dive site comes from an incident when several dolphins swam in the cave and drowned due to disorientation. You will find small reef life such as shrimp and lobsters while diving at 50-70 feet deep levels.

Calvin’s Crack

Perfect for intermediate divers, Calvin’s Crack features a narrow entrance from which divers descend head first into 20-meter deep waters. You will see clusters of case sponges, thin-leaf coral, elusive toad fish, and gorgonians. Depth ranges from 20 to 90 meters and at the exit you will see a spectacularly deep and steep wall. Divers must be careful not to harm the wire coral when getting out of Calvin’s Crack.

El Aguila

Located on the west side of the island, El Aguila is a dive site that is split into 3 sections. Suitable for recreational divers, this amazing dive site is next to a coral wall and features an abundance of large marine life including black groupers and green morays. Divers will have a few minutes of bottom time and a chance to explore in 35 feet deep waters. If you are thinking about diving in Roatan, El Aguila is a must-visit site.

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