Town Center Excursions Roatan

There are thousands of travelers visiting Roatan by cruise ship every day. Many of these cruise ships stop at the Town Center at Port of Roatan, so why not make the best out of your day and explore this lovely area.

When your boat docks you reach the pier, you’ll see plenty of places that offer all kinds of excursions and guided tours of Roatan. In case you wish to explore other destinations nearby, there is a parking area that has fixed prices and offers a round-trip service. The good news about the Town Center is that it’s easy to explore, as there are not a lot of steep stairs and the whole area is more or less flat. You will find a steady Wi-Fi connection for just $10 that you can use throughout the day.

Port of Roatan Town Center Shopping

What I like about the Roatan Town Center that it offers plenty of shopping options. Most of the places where you can find useful information and practically all of the shops are located in one big single complex, which makes it easy to shop without wasting too much time. There is a duty-free shop, as well as other local stores that specialize in art. In case you wish to purchase an authentic gift from Roatan, there are many shops that sell everything from local jewelry and coffee to hand-rolled cigars and rum. Don’t forget to check out the Roatan Marine Park while staying at the Port of Roatan Town Center.

What is there to see at the Town Center at Port of Roatan

Conveniently located close to various destinations on the island, Town Center at Port of Roatan is definitely a small area that is perfect for a short visit. Travelers can head out to the nearby town of Coxen Hole or check out several shops that are located along the main road and buy unique gifts. Several zipline canopy tours are available in the vicinity of the Town Center, as well as the Fort Consolation. Both West Bay and West End are only a short drive away by car.

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