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Try Dancing Punta in Roatan!

Are you a great dancer who can move, sway, and spin with the best of them? Are you someone who suffers from the condition of having two left feet instead? Whether you are a great dancer or you need a bit of work, you can all probably agree that dancing can be great fun and great exercise. When you move to a new country, or you are visiting someplace new on vacation, it can be a fun idea to try learning some of the local customs, including their dances and music. Punta is a very popular type of dance and musical genre in a number of Central American countries. It is part of the Garifuna style, and it has started to become extremely popular in the last few decades.

Why is Punta Special?

Punta is something you will often see and be able to participate in during festivals and other types of celebration in the communities. It is quite popular in Belize, but other countries, such as Guatemala and Honduras have embraced the music as well. It features some similarities to other types of dances, since it uses calls and responses. One couple will dance in the center of a circle made up of other couples. The couples in the circle will clap their hands to the beat and sing along with the song.

It can turn into something of a friendly competition too, as the various couples try to outdo one another and make their dances different and more stylistic than the others. They also try to make their dance more seductive than the other couples. This dance is popular at many different types of events, including parties, at holidays, and even at wakes. Dancing in the midst of grief and death is something the cultures embrace. They feel that giving the grieving families something to smile about during such a time is a good thing.

The Arrival of Punta Rock

Punta really took off in the late 70s when Pen Cayetana hit the scene. He created the new form of Punta rock, and it become popular very quickly. Some of the most popular Punta rock bands include Los Sea Boys, Fernandez Band, Los Silver Star, Black Fever, Mime, and Caribbean Dynamics. As you start to explore more about the style of music, you will find a host of other bands that do their own thing with Punta. Seek out several different groups so you can get a good feel for the flavor the music offers. It is a wonderful Latin and Caribbean blend.

As with most types of dancing, when you are dancing Punta, it should be fun above all else. If you’ve never danced it before, it might be a good idea to spend some time observing others. Even watching some videos on YouTube to get a better idea of what happens in the dance will help you know what to do if you get the opportunity to participate. It can be quite a bit of fun. You just have to let yourself go, release your inhibitions and let the music start to move you!

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