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Try some great Honduran Cigars

There’s nothing quite like a fine cigar, and some of the best cigars today come from Honduras. A number of excellent and popular brands are hitting the market and they have been gaining popularity all around the world for a number of years.

What Makes the Cigars So Popular?

If you’ve smoked cigars before, you know that many different factors can make a huge difference in the quality of the cigars. You need to have the right tobacco, the right wrappers, and they need to be wrapped perfectly. If the wrap is too tight or too loose, you lose the power of the cigar. If the tobacco is subpar, the quality and taste of the cigar will suffer. When you buy some of the best brands from Honduras, the cigars have none of these problems.

It is possible to find some high quality hand rolled cigars full of taste and perfectly wrapped by deft hands that know how to create the best quality cigars. Many of the tobacco growers in the area use Cuban seeds for growing. Since the climate is similar to Cuba, the taste of the tobacco is similar in many cases. Of course, they don’t just mimic Cuban cigars. They grow and create their own blends to create unique tastes of their own. Honduran cigars are popular for this very reason.

People who enjoy cigars love the full flavor they get from Honduran tobacco, and they enjoy the quality of the cigars from the wrap to the way they light. Of course, not all cigars are perfect, and you do need to make sure you experiment with some different brands and options.

Some of the Most Popular Brands

One of the most popular options when it comes to brands is Don Ramos. The company grows their tobacco locally, and they hand roll all of their cigars. The company has been in business since the mid 1960s, and they are still going strong today. If you love cigars, you certainly don’t want to miss trying these beauties!

Another company that makes use of tobacco from Honduras is Vato Cigars. They are actually in Las Vegas, Nevada, but they have premium boutique cigars that you can buy at their store or online. You can find other places to order some of the Honduran cigars online too, in case you aren’t planning a trip to Honduras soon enough to suit your cigar smoking needs!

Other brands and options you may wish to consider include Illusione Epernay, Hoya de Monterrey, and Padilla.

Whether you are just planning a vacation to Honduras or Roatan, or you are a local who has been there for years, consider trying some of the local cigars. You can find stores and cigar bars that offer a wide range of different types of cigars. Try several different options and find the ones that you enjoy the most. You don’t have to smoke cigars everyday, but for those times when you do smoke, you want to have a great experience, so it pays to start looking for a good selection now.

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