Vacation Rental or Hotel in Roatan?

Everyone loves going on vacation and to make the best of your holidays it is important to book the right type of accommodation. If you are planning to visit Roatan this summer, you can choose to stay in a hotel or to book a vacation rental. Which is a better option? Well, I guess you’ll just have to read on and find out!

Roatan Vacation Rental Homes have More Space

Hotel rooms can be small with little storage space and you only get to stay in one room during your entire holiday. On the other hand, vacation rentals offer plenty of space and have several rooms available. One of the advantages of renting a privately owned accommodation is that it usually comes with a private entrance and some of them even have a backyard or a swimming pool.

Roatan Vacation Rental Homes are More Affordable than Hotels

Hotels can be quite expensive. Vacation homes are usually a more affordable option in Roatan, especially for travelers who are planning to stay longer. It is true that private accommodation in some cases can be more expensive than a hotel, but inside a rented house you get more space and usually a fully-equipped kitchen where you can prepare meals.

More Privacy and No Hidden Fees

It’s a common fact that people like to have privacy and their own space while on vacation. Unfortunately, hotel rooms don’t offer much privacy with their maid service, crowded outdoor pools, and thin walls. You won’t experience any of these problems if you decide to rent a vacation home. Hotels can also often charge you with some hidden fees for bottled water or pool towels, as vacation homes have no surprise fees and you directly speak to the owners when booking the property.

The Roatan Vacation Rental Market is Huge

There are many hotels in Roatan to choose from, but there are even more vacations homes for rent on the market. The good news is that the variety of privately owned units is amazing. You can rent a Villa with a hammock for $60 per day, stay in an ocean front condo for $100, or book a huge house with spectacular views of the ocean and a private outdoor pool. Keep in mind that although the market is huge, it is recommended to book vacation homes in Roatan a couple of months in advance.

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