Visit Gracias Lempira in Honduras

The lovely colonial town of Gracias is located in the Lempira Department of Western Honduras. The natural beauty of this area draws most visitors, offering welcoming hot springs, extensive hiking trails, and tours of nearby farms and ruins. Gracias lies in the foothills of Celaque National Park, which boasts the tallest mountain in Honduras: Cerro Las Minas.

Gracias was named the first capital of the Spanish-controlled Central American region including Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador in 1544. Five years later, the capital was moved to Antigua, Guatemala, but the traditional colonial roots of Gracias remain.

Visit Gracias Lempira in Honduras

Getting to Gracias is fairly straightforward, with buses coming through from Tegucigalpa, San Pedro Sula, or Santa Rosa (buses from Copan Ruinas go to La Entrada, from there you can take a bus to Santa Rosa).

Once you arrive in Gracias, enjoy walking along quaint streets lined with historic buildings in a traditional colonial layout. Beautiful churches and quaint plazas paint an idyllic portrait of small town life today.

A visit to the San Cristobal Fort offers gorgeous views and a glimpse into the history of Gracias. The fort was built to house the tomb of Honduran president Juan Lindo, and it now also houses paintings and sculptures. Learn about the town of Gracias and its national and regional importance.

Many visitors use a visit to Gracias as a launching point for exploring the Celaque National Park nearby. To summit Cerro Las Minas typically requires about two days, although experienced hikers could complete the hike in one day.

A few kilometers outside of Gracias are a couple of locations with hot springs, or thermal baths. If you’ve just spent time hiking in Celaque National Park, you may find these hot springs to be just what you need to soothe any aching muscles!

In the nearby village of La Campa, adventure-seekers can enjoy Central America’s highest zipline. Experience the thrill of flying through the canopy as you try to spot wildlife amongst the trees.

A visit to Gracias in Lempira, Honduras, is filled with fun, history, charming colonial architecture, and endlessly beautiful views of the natural beauty of Honduras. It makes for a perfect addition to your vacation in the Roatan.

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