West Bay Beach a Top 20 Beach

To those of us who love Roatan, it comes at absolutely no surprise that West Bay Beach has – again! – been voted into the Top 20 Beaches in the World. TripAdvisor has posted the results of their annual Travellers’ Choice Awards, in which West Bay Beach was voted the top beach in all of Central America for the second year in a row.

Being voted the best beach in an entire region is no easy feat – especially when that region is filled with so many gorgeous beaches. Central American beaches are both Caribbean and Pacific; they’re for scuba divers and for surfers; some are filled with tourists and others are completely isolated.

The diversity of beaches in Central America is incredible. And yet, here we are winning the top accolade for the second year in a row!

Why is West Bay Beach So Great?

There is much to love about West Bay Beach; it’s no wonder it was voted into the Top 20 Beaches in the World.

If you’re a total beach bum and want to lounge in powder soft sand all day, you’ll enjoy the endlessly stunning views and calm, clear water to wade into whenever you want to cool off.

If you’re a scuba diver, you’ll love the convenience of heading out from West Bay Beach to dive sites just minutes away. Shore dives are even possible from here, which is especially convenient for a night dive.

If you’re a snorkeler, you will be amazed by the diversity of marine life and the astounding coral reef topography just off West Bay Beach. Just be aware of boat traffic at all times, as there are many dive boats and tour boats in the same area. Surface marker buoys are highly recommended.

If you’re here for a party, have no fear. There are plenty of options for bars and music on West Bay Beach. Ask at your hotel or vacation rental for what’s happening while you’re there, but there is always something going on, day and night.

If you’re hoping to completely check out and de-stress from work and other obligations, you will be heartily welcomed here. West Bay Beach is the ideal spot to relax. Several beachfront resorts offer spas and infinity pools, the daily sunsets will force you to pause and just breathe, and Island Time will help you to let go of all that stress from back home.

Come to West Bay Beach

Whether you’re coming to Roatan on a cruise ship for one day or you’re spending more time with us, head to West Bay Beach and see why it’s been voted the best in Central America two years in a row.

Cruise ship guests should look for shore excursions to Tabyana Beach or West Bay Beach. Alternatively, you could just pay a taxi to take you there and back after disembarking from your ship.

There are many fun activities to do while on West Bay Beach, so be sure to bring cash if you want to partake. There is parasailing, snorkelling, fly board, and more. You’re guaranteed to have a great time!

If you’re staying in Roatan for a longer vacation, consider staying in one of the many accommodation options along West Bay Beach for easy access. Resorts, cabins, and villas are all available – take your pick.

We hope you enjoy West Bay Beach as much as the many people who voted it into the Top 20 Beaches in the World!

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